8 Tips To Boost Employee Productivity

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8-tips-to-boost-employee-productivityEmployee productivity can be affected by many different factors within the workplace.  So how can you help keep employees engaged and working at their maximum productivity?

  1. Active testing: If the job requires specific skills or competencies, test them. Simulate an actual position specific situation and test their skills.
  2. Predictive Index testing: Having your job candidates take an assessment will give you a good indication of the individual’s ability to stay engaged and productive over the long term, based on their strengths and their “fit” for the position.
  3. Interview with several team members: Teamwork is an essential part of employee productivity. Team members who do not work well with their teammates can hamper not only their individual productivity, but also that of the team.

Now that you have the right person in the right position, how do you keep him or her from burnout? It is important to provide your employees those intangibles that help energize your workforce and maximize their productivity.

  1. Unique benefits: Consider letting your employees work a few more hours early in the week so that they can leave early on Friday afternoons, or provide employees with the ability to work from home occasionally.
  2. Volunteer program: Give employees paid time off to volunteer alongside their co-workers at a charity, cause or event.
  3. Employee rewards programs: Give your employees specific goals and implement a rewards program. This could be as simple as earning extra PTO days to earning a paid bonus.
  4. Company events: Provide events outside of work hours where your employees can relax, bring family members and get to know each other.
  5. Communication: Communicate clearly with your employees about the company’s mission and vision. When employees buy into a mission, productivity increases because they are working together, feel a sense of inclusion, and can take ownership of their part in reaching a common goal.

While productivity is a moving target, it can be achieved with a good hiring and management strategy.  Working with a PEO’s team of HR experts can give you a competitive advantage when it comes to recruiting, company culture, strategic HR and more.

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