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PEO Marketing Strategies for a Variety of Markets

Amy HerveyWhile some PEOs operate in a limited geographic area, others serve clients and worksite employees across the nation. Universally, we strive to build our client base through various forms of marketing.

While its components have changed dramatically over the last 30 years, at its most basic, marketing is simply the way you communicate information about your company and its services. Most marketing efforts can be categorized as branding or lead generation, but in reality, everything you do affects your company’s brand. From the color and style of your company logo to the design of your website, and from the proposals you present to the appearance and style of the people delivering them, every single aspect either strengthens your brand or chips away at it. Continue reading “PEO Marketing Strategies for a Variety of Markets”

5 Tips for Leading Your Team Through a Crisis

What do you tell the team when you lose your biggest client?  Try these tips.

Like most entrepreneurs, I have certainly experienced my share of ups and downs.  When bad stuff happens the hardest part for me as the leader is putting aside personal fears, anger and frustration to help get the team back on track to success. No one understands this more than Mark Sinatra, the founder and CEO of 2015 Inc. 5000 company Staff One HR, a professional employer organization (PEO) based in Dallas. Continue reading “5 Tips for Leading Your Team Through a Crisis”

2016 HR Goals Need To Be Set Before Year End

As the end of the year approaches, business leaders are busy hitting those last few annual and Q4 goals. As if the end of a quarter weren’t enough to think about, leaders also are trying to set goals for 2016 and formulate plans to achieve them.

According to Mark Sinatra, the CEO of Staff One, “when you’re in charge of the course your business takes, it’s important to devote time to big picture ideas that will propel your company forward, not get bogged down with compliance issues and human resources headaches.”
Continue reading “2016 HR Goals Need To Be Set Before Year End”