Handling Harassment Claims the Right Way

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Harassment is one issue that can make employers very uncomfortable.  Nonetheless, it’s important to take every complaint seriously, rather than minimizing an employee’s concerns, or overreacting to an accusation.

harassment in the office
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Have a policy in place.

How can you handle harassment claims the right way?  You must have a policy in place and inform all employees what the policy is.  Make sure they understand the policy, as well as the importance of adhering to it. Continue reading “Handling Harassment Claims the Right Way”

Social Media:  A Sticky Situation

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social-media-a-sticky-situationSocial media is pervasive in today’s online world, and it has created many “gray areas” for employers.  Just as you should have a social media policy for your company’s posts for consistency and tone, you also should have a social media policy included in your employee handbook, so your team understands expectations when representing your company.

We all have opinions and beliefs, and as Americans, are entitled to freedom of speech.  Social media promotes individualism, and people use various social media platforms, such as Facebook to LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and many more, to share their lives – both personal and professional – with their connections around the world. Continue reading “Social Media:  A Sticky Situation”

Invest in Employee Development and Ongoing Training

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Employee-development-training-should-never-endEmployee development should be customized to match the individual goals and expectations of each team member.  That’s why it’s important for managers to engage in ongoing and regular conversations with employees to be sure they stay engaged and invested in determining and driving the direction of their professional development.  In today’s world, we are experiencing a more diverse and inclusive work environment than ever before.  Remember, Millennials expect and thrive on constant development and feedback, so this is a wise investment in your up-and-coming team members. Continue reading “Invest in Employee Development and Ongoing Training”

Creating and Updating Job Descriptions: a Job Worth Doing

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creating-and-updating-job-descriptionsJob descriptions are not just an exercise in compliance.  Most people would agree that compensation, succession planning, performance management, and training and development are essential to your organization’s success.  However, many people don’t realize how central good job descriptions are to these very things. Continue reading “Creating and Updating Job Descriptions: a Job Worth Doing”

Invest In Managers for Big Returns

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Training for managersIs being a good manager inherent, or is it a learned skill?

Good management doesn’t just happen automatically.  Managers aren’t born knowing how to manage effectively.  They must be coached and taught how to handle delicate personnel issues, how to motivate employees, how to stay current on the latest updates in employment laws, and so much more. Continue reading “Invest In Managers for Big Returns”