Four Ways to Improve Customer Service

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Two women smiling and talking to each other in an officeWe’ve all been there…walking out of a store or hanging up the phone, feeling overwhelmed by the service that we received. Sometimes that feeling is positive and sometimes, unfortunately, we have encounters that are less than enjoyable. Think back to a time when you had one of these experiences, whether good or bad, and consider what the person you were interacting with did to make you feel one way or the other. What was your reaction?

Personally, I try to make it a point to acknowledge great service. I will seek out the manager to let them know that their employee is doing a great job.  Some people may leave reviews online about service they receive, while others may tell their friends and family about their experience. Regardless of our reaction, there is one thing that is certain:  when we invest our money and put our confidence in a brand, we have an expectation for the service that we receive.

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According to, 92 percent of 1,000 polled consumers said that “three or fewer poor customer service experiences” would cause them to stop doing business with a company. Furthermore, 26 percent of the same polled group said that just one bad experience would cause them to cut ties.  As a consumer, I can attest to the fact that I value good customer service. Not only do I enjoy receiving great service, I take pride in giving great service to my clients as well.  Most of my clients are very different, which means their expectations are also different.  It is my responsibility to make sure those expectations are met.  Although I may need to alter my approach more so for some than others, there are several things that can be applied to everyone across the board. Continue reading “Four Ways to Improve Customer Service”

Remote Employees: 4 Tips for Staying Motivated

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4-tips-for-remote-workers-motivationLast August, my (now) fiance and I decided to move back from Dallas back to Las Vegas. Even though I had only been part of the Staff One HR team for six months, my manager and the company’s leadership went out on a limb for me by offering me the opportunity to work from home. At first, I think everyone was a little nervous because I would not have the same “office interaction” as when I was working in our Dallas headquarters.

Having the chance to work from home really made me feel valued as a team member.   Although there are plenty of perks to working from home (i.e. no commute, casual dress, and hanging out with my dogs all day – what could be better?), there are also some challenges to being a remote employee that not everyone may realize.

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