2018 Arizona SHRM Conference Provides Training, Insights

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SHRM-conference-provides-training-insightsEvery year, Human Resources professionals seek learning and development opportunities to ensure they are up-to-date on the latest trends, resources and regulatory uncertainties that impact the American and global workforce. College degrees, industry-specific certifications, and on-the-job experience will help individuals stand out among their peers.  However, none of those provides an HR professional with a clear picture of what the future holds in our fluid legal environment.

Increasing State/Local Legislation

In a climate of decreasing federal regulations, employers should expect to continue seeing an increase in state and local legislation that certainly will present legal and ethical challenges. From Paid Sick and/or Family Leave to protections on sexual orientation and harassment, employers need a clear understanding of their state and county employment regulations and ordinances, as well as how their reaction to these changes will define the future of their organization’s culture. Continue reading “2018 Arizona SHRM Conference Provides Training, Insights”

SPHR, PHR, SHRM-CP: What these certifications mean, and why they matter

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what-certifications-mean-and-why-they-matterWhether you are an accountant, medical practitioner, lawyer, electrician, or other professional, top tier performers throughout all industries have always sought effective and trustworthy credentials to set them apart from their peers and competition. Such credentials and certifications are also valuable tools for employers and consumers to identify with whom they choose to do business. HR professionals are no different, and consumers of outsourced business services need to know what certifications to look for when identifying a company with whom they will share their most valuable assets:  their people! Continue reading “SPHR, PHR, SHRM-CP: What these certifications mean, and why they matter”

Why Unemployment Claims Administration is Important

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why-unemployment-claims-administration-is-importantThe Federal and State Unemployment Tax Acts (FUTA & SUTA) subjugate every business, no matter how small or large, to payroll taxes in order fund both State and Federal Unemployment Insurance (UI) programs, and unlike other federal income taxes, FUTA & SUTA taxes are solely the responsibility of the employer. While there are certain tests to determine if a business must pay FUTA tax for employees, most businesses are required to pay 6 percent of the first $7,000 each employee earns in a calendar year. Continue reading “Why Unemployment Claims Administration is Important”

Positive Lifestyle Impacts Corporate Culture

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sitting on a ballResearch clearly shows that there is a direct and unmistakable correlation between an employee’s health and well-being, and his or her work behavior. The most competitive companies today not only focus on a strong and robust corporate culture to attract and retain employees, but they also develop and implement new strategies to promote and support employee wellness programs. This impacts their bottom line, as well as increasing employee engagement, which leads to a stronger, more robust and “healthier” corporate culture and identity. Continue reading “Positive Lifestyle Impacts Corporate Culture”

The Secret Ingredient to Growth

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the-secret-ingredient-to-growthShould companies focus on growing and developing talent from within the organization, or source that process externally from a broader candidate pool? One corporate philosophy that has always resonated with me is that a company must not only get the right people on the bus, but they must put those people in the right seats on that bus. This analogy typically is applied when discussing lateral movement within an organization, but I challenge you also to consider this idea when evaluating performance and succession management. Continue reading “The Secret Ingredient to Growth”

Recordkeeping 101: Spring Cleaning

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Recordkeeping-101-spring-cleaningLike the cluttered and entangled maze of boxes, bikes, gardening tools and assortment of last year’s forgotten treasures that are undoubtedly piling to the brim of your garage, office managers and HR professionals far too often neglect the act of maintaining an effective records retention process, creating all sorts of problems that culminate in the monumental task that we refer to as “Spring Cleaning.” Continue reading “Recordkeeping 101: Spring Cleaning”

Avoid Unnecessary Unemployment Costs

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Avoid-unnecessary-unemployment-costsIn a recent blog post by Human Resource Manager Laura Manning, the topic of Progressive Discipline was discussed and rethought in a way to help leaders and managers understand the importance of OWNING their role in employee development and performance management. Laura posed rhetorical questions such as, “did you do a poor job of interviewing candidates…did you not explain the workplace rules or processes in a way that resonated with the employee…have you reviewed with that employee the official job description which outline requirements and set clear expectations of the employee?” Continue reading “Avoid Unnecessary Unemployment Costs”