Avoid W-2 and Payroll Headaches With a PEO

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avoid-w-2-payroll-headaches-with-a-PEOIf you’re a business owner or manager, you are well aware of the many hats you must wear in the small business world.  Not only do you have to worry about productivity, financials, recruiting, HR, training, benefits and more…that end-of-year requirement, W-2s, is also critical.  Employees need these forms to be correct and timely so they can file their taxes.  As an employer, your responsibilities include:

  • Reporting income
  • Reporting taxes withheld
  • Depositing those taxes every quarter (form 941)
  • Filing FUTA form annually and depositing taxes

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What Makes Employees Feel Ownership at Work

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what-makes-employees-feel-ownership-at-workThe first eight years of my insurance career was spent learning about insurance and sales.  The next six years of it were spent managing an insurance office.  Now that I had extensive insurance knowledge, from Personal to Commercial Lines and Banking, I was able to use my knowledge to train and maintain a highly successful team.

During those six years, I learned more than I had ever before, and not just about the insurance industry. Here are three key lessons: Continue reading “What Makes Employees Feel Ownership at Work”