Why HR Professionals Should Consider a Career in PEO

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What is a PEO?  I’ve heard this question many times, so let’s start there.  A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) provides HR solutions such as payroll and benefits administration, risk management, and regulatory compliance support for its client companies.  The PEO essentially allows its clients to focus on achieving their goals by assisting with their strategic and administrative HR needs.

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In a PEO relationship, the client and the PEO act as “co-employers” with defined roles. Usually, the PEO is responsible for administrative tasks such as running payroll, while the client company still has control over the day-to-day operations such as policy enforcement and making employment decisions (hiring/firing staff, corrective action, etc.).  The idea of co-employment may seem foreign, but there are many facets of the PEO industry that are attractive to clients and job seekers alike. Continue reading “Why HR Professionals Should Consider a Career in PEO”