3 HR Best Practices to Protect Your Business

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3-hr-best-practices-to-protect-businessHuman Resources:  what does that actually mean to your business? Let’s break down this commonly-used term.

  1. Human: the people within your business, i.e. your employees or workforce.
  2. Resources: a supply or support source.

So “human resources”—a resource consisting of humans – means the people or employees that support your business. If these people are the support for your business, how well are they really supporting your business? Let’s take a look at the statistics: Continue reading “3 HR Best Practices to Protect Your Business”

3 Big Challenges Facing Business Owners in 2017

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3-big-challenges-facing-business-owners-2017Business owners face challenges and opportunities every day as they make strategic decisions for their companies.  Not all challenges are created equal, though; here are three that are impacting business leaders heavily in 2017.

Increased competition.  It is no secret that the Texas market is growing like gang busters. According to the Texas Tribune, from 2005 to 2013, the state of Texas grew by 345 people per day. Why are so many people moving to Texas? Jobs! Cities in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, such as Frisco, have been dedicated to helping companies move their headquarters to their location.  In Frisco alone, one and a half percent of sales tax is dedicated to business incentives to help grow the city.

Continue reading “3 Big Challenges Facing Business Owners in 2017”

8 Tips To Boost Employee Productivity

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8-tips-to-boost-employee-productivityEmployee productivity can be affected by many different factors within the workplace.  So how can you help keep employees engaged and working at their maximum productivity?

  1. Active testing: If the job requires specific skills or competencies, test them. Simulate an actual position specific situation and test their skills. Continue reading “8 Tips To Boost Employee Productivity”

Employee Perks: Little Things Can Make a Big Difference

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employee-perksWhat are employee “perks,” and why do they matter?  What do your employees feel are the perks – the fringe benefits – of working for your company? Those companies that choose to offer more than just basic employee benefits certainly stand out in the job marketplace.

Perks don’t always come in the form of ping pong tables, nap pods and work-from-home programs.  However, any type of extra benefits that add value for your team can help with recruiting and reduce turnover, as it is a way to show you value your employees. Continue reading “Employee Perks: Little Things Can Make a Big Difference”

The HR Compliance Game Plan

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hr-offense-or-defenseWith HR Compliance, Which is Better: a Good Offense or a Good Defense?

When it comes to your business, how do you gauge whether you are winning or losing? Is your scale profits, turnover ratio, or percentage of growth? When it comes to your company’s HR functions, is it better to have a good offense or a good defense, and how on earth do you keep score? Continue reading “The HR Compliance Game Plan”

Employment Law: The Elephant in the Room

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elephant in the room

Employment law:  what does it really mean to your business? Most business owners I speak with see it as the elephant in the room, the one that needs to be addressed but if ignored, possibly it will not sit on them.  Perhaps the elephant will find its way out of the room in search of some peanuts and disappear. Continue reading “Employment Law: The Elephant in the Room”