Answer These 4 Questions for a Great Company Party

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Company-holiday-partyWho doesn’t love a good holiday party?  Hosting company holiday parties is a great way for employers to bring people together and celebrate their accomplishments at the end of the year.  They are an effective tool for promoting employee engagement and connection among staff members.  Employees have an opportunity to get to know one another, relax, and have fun.  It sounds great, but employers who host holiday parties can be held liable for alcohol-related accidents, wage claims, and harassment claims.

Careful planning can help minimize your risk, so before you send your invitations, ask yourself these questions: Continue reading “Answer These 4 Questions for a Great Company Party”

Should Employees Work While “Out Sick?”

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Should employees work from home while out sickFall is upon us!  While the thought of pumpkin spice lattes and cooler weather may bring a smile, don’t forget that this also means that flu season is close at hand.  Employers should ensure that they are prepared with a solid plan on how to handle requests from ill employees who want to work from home.

Increasing numbers of employers have begun to offer telecommuting options to employees as a job perk.  But what about employees who want to work from home while they are sick?  Should it be allowed? Continue reading “Should Employees Work While “Out Sick?””