Considering a PEO? Ask These 5 Questions

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considering-a-PEO-ask-these-5-questionsIf you’re thinking about using a PEO, do yourself a favor and ask these five essential questions.

How long has the PEO been in business? There’s no replacement for experience and know-how, and in general, the longer the PEO has been in business, the more efficient and effective they are in serving your needs.

Is the PEO ESAC-accredited? Accreditation through the Employer Services Assurance Corporation provides a $15 million surety bond to clients in the event that the PEO were ever to go bankrupt.  It protects clients and provides assurance that their workers’ compensation insurance, their benefits premiums, and their payroll taxes are paid accurately and on time.

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Controlling the Controllables

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Controlling the controllablesA former work colleague of mine recently was diagnosed with cancer.  It came as a surprise to me, as he is in mid-forties and otherwise a very healthy person, as far as I can tell.  I know that he is a resilient person who will fight as hard as he can to get through this.  However, when I reflected on our conversation, I was struck by the fact that I actually seemed more shaken by the diagnosis than he was.  I realize now that his response is driven by one of my favorite mantras, which is the importance of “controlling the controllables.”

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Staff One HR Launches Master Medical Plan with Aetna Effective July 1

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Staff One HR is proud to announce that effective July 1, 2017, we have partnered with Aetna to offer a master medical plan for our clients.  The new offering will include a variety of plan designs, featuring low, mid-range and high deductibles.  Having a master medical plan will allow us greater buying power and provide rate stability for our clients, helping minimize unexpected increases.

It’s a struggle for many small businesses to provide robust benefits for their workforce, but if they don’t provide competitive benefits, they risk losing their best employees to a competitor.  Partnering with a leading carrier like Aetna helps us better meet the needs of our clients across the nation, from attracting top talent to keeping their existing team members happy.

Not only does Staff One HR offer top tier benefits supported by a team of professionals, but our certified HR Managers, Payroll Specialists are second to none.

For more information on the Aetna master plan, becoming a Staff One HR client or referral partner, contact Executive Vice President Donna Meek at or call 405.830.0115.

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2016 HR Goals Need To Be Set Before Year End

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As the end of the year approaches, business leaders are busy hitting those last few annual and Q4 goals. As if the end of a quarter weren’t enough to think about, leaders also are trying to set goals for 2016 and formulate plans to achieve them.

According to Mark Sinatra, the CEO of Staff One, “when you’re in charge of the course your business takes, it’s important to devote time to big picture ideas that will propel your company forward, not get bogged down with compliance issues and human resources headaches.”
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Thoughts from Our First Inc. 5000 Conference

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thoughts-from-our-first-inc.-5000-conferenceThe Inc. 5000 conference recognizes the top 5000 growth companies in the U.S. as measured by revenue growth rate.   This year marked the first time in Staff One’s 27-year history that we were recognized on the list.  I am so incredibly thankful for our team at Staff One because they are the folks who made it happen, and I can’t wait to share and implement what I learned.  Since next year’s conference is in our home state of Texas, I expect other team members to attend so they too can learn and celebrate. Continue reading “Thoughts from Our First Inc. 5000 Conference”

“Both and”

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MarkOne of my favorite responsibilities as CEO is that I get to interact with other business owners and entrepreneurs on an almost daily basis. I love hearing the passion that entrepreneurs have for their business, and I get energized learning about their vision for their company. We often discuss various aspects of their business with a primary focus on their product or service and their growth plans. Invariably, the conversation will turn toward the type of company culture the entrepreneur wants to build, and surprisingly, human resources is sometimes viewed as an afterthought, if not an impediment to creating an “entrepreneurial culture.” Continue reading ““Both and””

Solving HR Problems, One School at a Time

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one-school-at-a-timeToday’s Youth is the HR Solution of Tomorrow

I was privileged to watch a gentleman by the name of Bill Strickland give an inspirational and insightful speech the other night to a group of CEOs in Dallas.  Bill’s talk was about his work to deliver education, culture and hope to disadvantaged youth and adults-in-transition across our country.  Continue reading “Solving HR Problems, One School at a Time”

Still Got Turnover? Find the Right HR Solution!

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still-got-turnoverIs Employee Turnover Hurting Your Bottom Line?
Probably…and why is that? Obviously that’s the key question and until it’s answered, you will likely continue to experience employee turnover and bear that cost.

The good news is that this can all be solved by taking a thorough, analytical approach to understanding the reasons causing turnover. Here are some tips to follow. Continue reading “Still Got Turnover? Find the Right HR Solution!”

Got Turnover? Get HR Solutions!

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turnoverAre Employee Turnover Problems Causing You Headaches?

Of course they are.  Employee turnover exists at most organizations whether big or small, public or private and the type of turnover can be a combination of involuntary or voluntary and healthy or unhealthy.  Reducing employee turnover requires management to analyze the root causes, which can vary dramatically based on circumstance. Continue reading “Got Turnover? Get HR Solutions!”

Where Have All the Welders Gone?

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That’s right. Sorry to disappoint some folks, but this post is not an intentional spoof of “where have all the flowers gone,” but some thoughts regarding one of our country’s most challenging issues for business owners who employ skilled laborers.  Unemployment rates in Oklahoma and Texas are approaching their lowest rates since the 2006-2008 time periods. Continue reading “Where Have All the Welders Gone?”