Leaving a Company the Right Way

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how-to-leave-a-company-the-right-wayIt’s every manager’s worst fear:  an employee has given notice he/she is leaving the company.  If handled correctly, an employee’s departure doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

But how did the employee break the news?  How did the manager take it?  How will the company react?  What made the employee want to leave in the first place?  These are all valid questions to consider.  Only when employee and employer partner as they did before notice was given can the outcome be good for both sides.  Whether you are on the employee or the employer side, here are some guidelines for success. Continue reading “Leaving a Company the Right Way”

Avoid the Threat of Shadow IT with Current Tech Policies

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danger-of-shadow-it-handbook-policiesThere is a technology movement operating behind the scenes in companies across the world.  Numerous employees have engaged in activities that many employers don’t realize are putting their businesses at risk.  Though malicious intent may not have been the reason for an employee’s actions, the result is the same: the “Shadow IT” movement has gained another loyal follower.

Continue reading “Avoid the Threat of Shadow IT with Current Tech Policies”