I-9 Forms Complex But Essential

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I-9-forms-complex-but-essentialYou’ve just hired a great addition to your team, and you’re excited to take your new employee through onboarding and training!  First things first:  complete the new hire paperwork.  The most important piece of paperwork for a newly-hired employee, and the most daunting for a lot of hiring managers, is the Form I-9.  There are so many variables in correctly completing the I-9 that it can be overwhelming to know where to begin.

Failure to properly complete, update and store I-9 forms can result in serious violations, exposing the employer to civil penalties imposed by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

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Cracking the (Dress) Code: What should I wear to work?

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cracking-the-dress-code-what-should-i-wear-to-workOffice attire trends change every season, every year, every decade.  Dress code rules have changed drastically, mostly in the corporate world.  For those who wear a uniform, scrubs, or other standardized clothing to work, this decision is a non-issue.

For the rest of us, the common term in many employee handbooks, “business casual,” has taken on a life of its own…and can be a scary beast to take on for both managers and employees.

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Understanding what is still considered suitable for today’s office job is hard, and often misconstrued due to the “casual” part of the term “business casual.” Regardless of the season, weather, region, specific market and/or type of business, there are ways to conquer this challenge. Continue reading “Cracking the (Dress) Code: What should I wear to work?”