Should You Promote from Within, or Recruit New Talent?

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should-you-promote-from-within-or-hire-new-talentWhat’s the best way to fill an open position in your organization?  By promoting from within, right?  Everyone knows that your existing talent base provides individuals who are familiar with your organization, your structure and your mission.  So, it would seem to make sense that selecting an outstanding performer to be promoted to a higher position would be the best move.  Less recruiting time and expense, less training time and expense – that’s a win – win!  While promoting from within does have definite advantages, it must be done with thoughtful consideration, or your organization will find itself a victim of the Peter Principle.

The Peter Principle was originally introduced by Dr. Laurence J. Peter in 1969.   The concept essentially states that people tend to be promoted up to their “level of incompetence.”  In other words, employees will be promoted through the ranks based on their demonstrated competence until they reach the inevitable point where the requirements of the new position exceed their level of competence.  While the principle was originally introduced as a satirical piece over 40 years ago, the danger of this happening is a definite reality. Continue reading “Should You Promote from Within, or Recruit New Talent?”

Will Comp Time Be a Possibility for Your Company?

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comp-time-bill-passes-houseCompensatory time, or “comp time,” has long been a benefit available only to public sector employees.  When comp time is available, an hourly employee who works overtime is awarded additional time off in lieu of monetary compensation. The award is made at the same “time and a half” rate that overtime is paid, and is added to the employee’s vacation or Paid Time Off “PTO” bank.

Continue reading “Will Comp Time Be a Possibility for Your Company?”

Dallas vs. Oklahoma City: Where is the Grass Greener?

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Dallas-vs-OKC-where-is-the-grass-greenerFor business owners considering growth into one of these key markets, it’s essential to understand the potential of each location.  Did you know that Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is 62 percent larger than Dallas, Texas?  (By square miles anyway).  Conversely, the population of Dallas is more than twice that of Oklahoma City.  Talk about traffic nightmares!  To a degree, Oklahoma City is still a wide open space and Dallas is a bustling metropolis.  What does this mean from an employment perspective?  These two cities are barely 200 miles apart and share many regional attributes, but have significant differences as well. Continue reading “Dallas vs. Oklahoma City: Where is the Grass Greener?”

Wage and Hour Compliance: a Moving Target?

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compliance-is-frustratingThe Wage and Hour Division of the United States Department of Labor (DOL) is responsible for administration and enforcement of our nation’s labor laws. Since 2000, the Wage and Hour Division (WHD) has recouped over $1.25 billion in back wages for more than two million workers.  Wage and hour compliance is something that impacts just about every employer, whether they have two or 2,000 employees, and penalties for non-compliance can be devastatingly expensive. Continue reading “Wage and Hour Compliance: a Moving Target?”

Make Better Hires with Recruiting Support

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recruiting-support-can-streamline-hiring-processHiring the correct people for the right jobs is essential to every organization’s success.  Recruiting can be a daunting task; however, in order to hire the right person, a company first must locate one or more viable candidates. Companies have many important decisions to make, including whom to target, how to present the opening and the organization, whether to promote from within or source candidates externally, and how to handle the recruiting process itself. Continue reading “Make Better Hires with Recruiting Support”

4 Key Ways to Boost Employee Wellness

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4-keys-to-boosting-employee-wellnessResearch has shown the unmistakably positive impact of employee wellness programs. Developing a robust wellness program has many benefits. A comprehensive wellness program demonstrates concern for staff health and well-being. An effective wellness program can help control rising health care costs. Healthy employees require fewer medical interventions, which directly reduces the cost of health insurance. Healthy employees are more engaged and effective at their jobs. Morale is higher and turn-over is lower. There’s just no reason not to develop a wellness program! Continue reading “4 Key Ways to Boost Employee Wellness”

6 Ways to Help New Managers Succeed

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3 professionals talking about businessWe can all probably agree that promoting from within is a good idea, right?  Numerous studies document the advantages of promoting from within an organization.  One key advantage is the reduction in training time required.  While this is true for many positions, organizations should not forget the importance of providing sufficient training when promoting a first time manager.  When a growing company promotes an outstanding employee to a management position, the expectation often is that this superstar employee will slide right into place. Continue reading “6 Ways to Help New Managers Succeed”