The Best Week Ever: Make New Employees Love Your Company

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I-love-my-jobOn Monday, October 10, 2016, I started work with Staff One HR.  Senior Recruiter Mark Franklin conducted my new employee orientation and also gave me the grand tour of our office and the building. I met so many of my new coworkers, and everyone was extremely nice. My bosses took me to lunch that day so we could get better acquainted. As the week went on, I found it incredibly refreshing how helpful all my teammates were. HR Generalist Marissa Corken provided one-on-one training and my other team members approached me to ask if there was anything I needed. I felt so welcome!

I’d like to share three highlights (so many to choose from!) that left me with the most favorable impression of Staff One’s onboarding process:

  1. Hospitality goes a long way. Every single person said good morning and checked on me throughout the day. What genuine people!
  2. Organized training processes are essential. From my initial orientation throughout my first week, my team members provided excellent training. I had lots of questions and they all were so patient while I familiarized myself with the Staff One HR culture, values and processes. Other co-workers would come to my desk and ask if I needed anything, even if they worked in a different department. The Staff One HR group is dedicated to each employee, offering ongoing training throughout the employee life cycle, so I know they care about my goals and long-term success.
  3. Communication, communication, communication! Staff One HR places emphasis on communication so all parties truly enjoy their jobs and can be more effective.

“Choose a job you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”

If something is going on in the office, a point is made to communicate it to the whole team. And it’s clear that leadership starts from the top, with our CEO, Executive Vice President, Director of HR Services and several others leading the way.

I am proud to say I work at Staff One HR, and to be a part of the highly effective employee retention efforts here. I joined our Culture/Employee Engagement Committee, and have learned about several Fall events and ideas for the entire team.  We are “pinking out” for breast cancer awareness, providing shirts for employees — even our remote team members — to wear on Fridays in October.  To welcome the Fall season, we decorated pumpkins for each office that read, “We’ve FALLen for our employees.” It’s the little details that set Staff One HR apart, and I foresee a long, valuable relationship with my new work family!

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Image:  Gui Yong Kang