Culture Shock: Create a Results-Focused Culture and Change Your Business

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create-a-results-focused-culture-and-change-your-businessCreating a results-focused culture doesn’t mean you should begin by sourcing results-oriented candidates.  It should start with clearly defining the results you want, and then finding the right people to help you get there.

To create a results-focused culture within your company, you will need buy-in and support from both managers and employees.  You may have to make a shift in the mindset at your company, and create a professional development plan that supports it.  We often see that inputs -> outputs ->  outcomes -> results, but let’s take a different approach and work backward.  That’s right…start by focusing on the difference a results-focused culture will make on your organization and work toward what your organization will do and/or invest to get those results.

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Navigate Change Through Emotional Intelligence

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navigate-change-with-emotional-intelligence“The only thing that is constant is change.” – Heraclitus 

Change is ever-present in our lives.  We are always growing and evolving, and our situations and circumstances change, sometimes in an instant.  Change can be frustrating, hard to understand, and difficult to embrace – especially at work.

When processes, systems, or team structures change, how do you react?  Do you openly support change the instant you learn of it, or do you resist in some way?  Most people are at least somewhat resistant to changes at work, at least initially.   Change often evokes an emotional response. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always serve us well, especially in the workplace.

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Fast Track Recruiting In 5 Easy Steps

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fast-track-recruiting-in-5-stepsAre your recruiting efforts falling a little flat lately? Is your employment application process resulting in less-than-stellar hires? It might be time to reevaluate your recruiting strategy. When it comes to finding talent, companies often stick to a specific routine to fill job vacancies. However, more than 30 percent of new employees quitting their jobs within the first six months, the routine steps in your recruiting and hiring process may need some fine tuning.

Employees leave companies for a variety of reasons, and recruiting isn’t an exact science, but there are several ways HR professionals can help improve your hiring success.  I recently attended The HR Southwest Conference, sponsored by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and a particular session on Recruitment really got my attention. I’d like to share these five important steps for revamping your recruitment process. Continue reading “Fast Track Recruiting In 5 Easy Steps”

I-9 Forms Complex But Essential

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I-9-forms-complex-but-essentialYou’ve just hired a great addition to your team, and you’re excited to take your new employee through onboarding and training!  First things first:  complete the new hire paperwork.  The most important piece of paperwork for a newly-hired employee, and the most daunting for a lot of hiring managers, is the Form I-9.  There are so many variables in correctly completing the I-9 that it can be overwhelming to know where to begin.

Failure to properly complete, update and store I-9 forms can result in serious violations, exposing the employer to civil penalties imposed by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

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Advance Planning Can Make Maternity Leave – and Return – Much Easier

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advance-planning-can-make-maternity-leave-easierWelcoming a new baby was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.  We were fortunate in the fact that we had lots of time to plan for our new bundle of joy.  Here are a few recommendations that really made a difference for me:

Train your backup early. Even if you are part of a team, identify those tasks in which you specialize or the systems you utilize more than others do. “Shadow training” is priceless, as live calls allow your backup to not only hear how you answer requests, but also to understand the various ways customers may phrase a question.  Whoever is covering for you, whether a temporary employee or someone you’re cross-training, should shadow you, listen to live calls, and get a feel for how you interact with your clients and customers. Continue reading “Advance Planning Can Make Maternity Leave – and Return – Much Easier”

Social Media:  A Sticky Situation

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social-media-a-sticky-situationSocial media is pervasive in today’s online world, and it has created many “gray areas” for employers.  Just as you should have a social media policy for your company’s posts for consistency and tone, you also should have a social media policy included in your employee handbook, so your team understands expectations when representing your company.

We all have opinions and beliefs, and as Americans, are entitled to freedom of speech.  Social media promotes individualism, and people use various social media platforms, such as Facebook to LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and many more, to share their lives – both personal and professional – with their connections around the world. Continue reading “Social Media:  A Sticky Situation”

Leading by Example: What Managers Need to Know About Motivating Employees

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leading-by-example-motivation-ideasMotivation comes in all shapes and sizes. What motivates me might not appeal to someone sitting next to me.  Thus, the idea of “motivating a team” should be taken as a holistic approach.  Managers must understand that motivation doesn’t have to break the bank, and can be as simple as a thank you.  Kindness and thoughtfulness can go a very long way and while this mindset may take some mindfulness, it is free.  A simple “Thank you” or “Good job” can motivate employees and show your appreciation for a job well done.

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2018 Arizona SHRM Conference Provides Training, Insights

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SHRM-conference-provides-training-insightsEvery year, Human Resources professionals seek learning and development opportunities to ensure they are up-to-date on the latest trends, resources and regulatory uncertainties that impact the American and global workforce. College degrees, industry-specific certifications, and on-the-job experience will help individuals stand out among their peers.  However, none of those provides an HR professional with a clear picture of what the future holds in our fluid legal environment.

Increasing State/Local Legislation

In a climate of decreasing federal regulations, employers should expect to continue seeing an increase in state and local legislation that certainly will present legal and ethical challenges. From Paid Sick and/or Family Leave to protections on sexual orientation and harassment, employers need a clear understanding of their state and county employment regulations and ordinances, as well as how their reaction to these changes will define the future of their organization’s culture. Continue reading “2018 Arizona SHRM Conference Provides Training, Insights”

Why Your PEO Should Be IRS-Certified

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why-your-peo-should-be-irs-certified-cpeoLast year, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rolled out a new voluntary certification for Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs), called “CPEO,” or the Certified Professional Employer Organization program. This certification program originated as a result of the Small Business Efficiency Act in 2014.  Prior to implementation of the CPEO program in 2017, the IRS did not recognize the PEO relationship when it came to federal taxes, and this presented tax challenges for business owners who wanted to enter a partnership with a PEO, or transition from one PEO to another.

PEOs with CPEO status have demonstrated their stability and financial well-being, as well as their ability to meet and maintain strict requirements for financial reporting, tax status, and bonding.  Continue reading “Why Your PEO Should Be IRS-Certified”

Remote Employees: 4 Tips for Staying Motivated

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4-tips-for-remote-workers-motivationLast August, my (now) fiance and I decided to move back from Dallas back to Las Vegas. Even though I had only been part of the Staff One HR team for six months, my manager and the company’s leadership went out on a limb for me by offering me the opportunity to work from home. At first, I think everyone was a little nervous because I would not have the same “office interaction” as when I was working in our Dallas headquarters.

Having the chance to work from home really made me feel valued as a team member.   Although there are plenty of perks to working from home (i.e. no commute, casual dress, and hanging out with my dogs all day – what could be better?), there are also some challenges to being a remote employee that not everyone may realize.

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