Listen! It Makes All the Difference

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listen-it-makes-all-the-differenceOne of my favorite things to do as an HR Manager at Staff One HR is deliver training to my clients, their management staff, and their employees on a variety of HR and management topics.  Recently, my colleague Marisa Eckberg created and delivered a four-part webinar series* on leadership, and I’ve had the pleasure of presenting the material she created during in-person training sessions with several of my own clients.

During the course of delivering these training sessions on leadership, I’ve asked myself what it is that makes a leader truly great.  There are several important factors, including trust, respect, integrity, communication skills, and the ability to problem-solve, but in my opinion, the most important attribute of a truly great leader is his or her ability to listen. Continue reading “Listen! It Makes All the Difference”

6 Creative Ways to Find Recruits in a Competitive Market

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10 Creative Ways to Find Recruits in a Competitive Market
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Drawing interest from the cream of the crop top-shelf candidates to join your company is the objective of any strong management team. That sounds great, but finding them can be the most troublesome, and sometimes even stressful, part of the process. Get creative to find some of the strongest talent out there before someone else snatches them up, and without getting in a rut.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 13 million Americans are looking for jobs right now. It can be overwhelming to sift through stacks of applications to make sure you are getting quality candidates. Try these non-traditional tactics to get creative, and who knows? You may even find yourself having quite a bit of fun in the process. Continue reading “6 Creative Ways to Find Recruits in a Competitive Market”

Burnout Poses a Danger for Most Employers

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Worried that they won’t meet their next deadline, they sit at their desks with grim faces.  Tired, they yawn and stretch, because overwork has caused sleep loss or insomnia. They may lash out at colleagues, as their fatigue and stress grow, and resentment begins to build.

“They” might include your coworkers, your boss, or even yourself. We have all been there at least once…feeling burned out at our job. In fact, one study indicates that 95 percent of HR leaders say burnout is sabotaging their workplace, and many HR leaders attribute up to half of their employee turnover to employee burnout. Burnout, characterized by emotional exhaustion, disengagement, and ineffectiveness in the workplace, is an almost universal issue in today’s busy work world. While not fully considered an illness, burnout certainly can be considered a mental health issue. Continue reading “Burnout Poses a Danger for Most Employers”

Buyers: Partner With a PEO to Reduce Risk, Boost ROI

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Buyers-engage-a-PEO-to-reduce-risk-boost-ROISo you’re buying a company?   It’s hard to get a deal done, so congratulations!   But wait, before you sign the dotted line on that purchase agreement, think about these three letters…

P E O.

Private equity funds and strategic acquirers who buy companies should carefully consider engaging with a Professional Employer Organization, or PEO, prior to the closing date.  Here are three reasons why. Continue reading “Buyers: Partner With a PEO to Reduce Risk, Boost ROI”

EAPs Provide Support for Employees In Crisis

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Recently, within the same week, celebrities Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain were sadly found to have died by suicide.  As people around the world mourn the loss of these icons, we also are reminded that anyone (no matter how wealthy, famous, or seemingly happy) can be affected by feelings of hopelessness and despair, as well as suicidal thoughts.

According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the US.  Each year, 44,965 Americans die by suicide.  On average, there are 123 suicides per day, occurring in all demographic groups, for a variety of reasons.

Continue reading “EAPs Provide Support for Employees In Crisis”

Webinars Are Dead. Long Live Webinars!

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Just a decade ago, webinars – conducting seminars online instead of in person – were a hot new tech advance.   As a cost-effective means of communicating information to a large group of people, the concept was unbeatable.  Suddenly, participants could watch, listen, and even interact in seminars without having to travel.  Registration fees, if any, were ever-so-reasonable in comparison with the cost of traveling to an event, even just across town. Continue reading “Webinars Are Dead. Long Live Webinars!”

Wellness Program Design Important for Employers

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Wellness program design is important for employers
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Millennials are now the largest, fully employed generation as the baby boomers have started to retire.  With the healthy, active lifestyle that the millennials employ, many companies have put wellness programs in place.  Today’s workplace wellness is not just about smoking cessation and weight loss in order to reduce insurance premiums — employee mental health is now also a focus!

According to Dr. Steven Aldana of Well Steps, there are five benefits of a Wellness Program that every employer should know: Continue reading “Wellness Program Design Important for Employers”

Five Things I Did This Week That Didn’t Cause an Injury

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When I started my risk management career, my boss told me that after a year, the things I learned would start to change how I viewed the world.  Young and naïve, I scoffed at that idea, certain I would never be “an annoying safety person” who lectured others on the importance of using handrails on the stairs.

Now I’m older, wiser, and telling anyone who will listen to grab those darn handrails.

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Leadership Program Develops More than Leaders

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leadership-program-develops-more-than-leadersIt has been my honor to participate in the Leadership Durant class of 2017-2018, sponsored by the Durant Area Chamber of Commerce.  Our Leadership class consists of 20 professionals who, with their employers’ support, have dedicated themselves to becoming better leaders and citizens.

It has been an enormously rewarding experience.  It’s also been difficult, frustrating, inspirational, informative, challenging, and at times, hilarious.  Throughout the year, our class has grown personally and professionally, through challenges and activities I would never have otherwise experienced. Continue reading “Leadership Program Develops More than Leaders”

When OSHA Comes Calling: Part 2

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Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) inspectors make surprise visits to businesses across America every day.  If you know what to expect and how best to deal with an OSHA inspection, you can minimize the stress these surprise visits can cause for you and your team.

Assessing your health and safety program

During the worksite visit, the inspector will be assessing your overall safety and health program. The inspector will review your program to make sure it addresses all segments of the OSHA standard.

Continue reading “When OSHA Comes Calling: Part 2”