The Best Week Ever: Make New Employees Love Your Company

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I-love-my-jobOn Monday, October 10, 2016, I started work with Staff One HR.  Senior Recruiter Mark Franklin conducted my new employee orientation and also gave me the grand tour of our office and the building. I met so many of my new coworkers, and everyone was extremely nice. My bosses took me to lunch that day so we could get better acquainted. As the week went on, I found it incredibly refreshing how helpful all my teammates were. HR Generalist Marissa Corken provided one-on-one training and my other team members approached me to ask if there was anything I needed. I felt so welcome!

I’d like to share three highlights (so many to choose from!) that left me with the most favorable impression of Staff One’s onboarding process: Continue reading “The Best Week Ever: Make New Employees Love Your Company”

Four Keys for Transitioning from a Military to a Civilian Career

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Transitioning from military to civilian workforceAfter spending 27 years in the Navy (Intelligence), I’m working full time as a recruiter for an HR Managed Services company.  Transitioning from the military to a civilian workplace doesn’t have to be difficult.  Here are four tips to smooth the way:

Plan.  As in your military training, plan, plan the plan, and plan then the tertiary plans. Then plan to have to adapt and overcome. Plan early and communicate often. It’s never too early to contact a recruiter. The good ones provide their services to job hunters at no cost. Recruiters also typically work with many other organizations in the area, so if they can’t place you, they may know someone who can. Continue reading “Four Keys for Transitioning from a Military to a Civilian Career”

Should Employees Work While “Out Sick?”

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Should employees work from home while out sickFall is upon us!  While the thought of pumpkin spice lattes and cooler weather may bring a smile, don’t forget that this also means that flu season is close at hand.  Employers should ensure that they are prepared with a solid plan on how to handle requests from ill employees who want to work from home.

Increasing numbers of employers have begun to offer telecommuting options to employees as a job perk.  But what about employees who want to work from home while they are sick?  Should it be allowed? Continue reading “Should Employees Work While “Out Sick?””

3 Ways To Invest in Your Employees

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invest in your employees with training, culture and benefitsWhen you think of “investing in your employees,” you likely think first of employee benefits or vacation days, but the reality is that in today’s market, employees expect more than just the basics. Top employers must now go the extra mile in order to create loyalty and retain your best performers.  Here are three simple ways you can invest in your current and future employees. Continue reading “3 Ways To Invest in Your Employees”

Invest In Managers for Big Returns

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Training for managersIs being a good manager inherent, or is it a learned skill?

Good management doesn’t just happen automatically.  Managers aren’t born knowing how to manage effectively.  They must be coached and taught how to handle delicate personnel issues, how to motivate employees, how to stay current on the latest updates in employment laws, and so much more. Continue reading “Invest In Managers for Big Returns”

Business Owners: What is your greatest fear?

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Business owner biggest fearFear is behind far too many of the decisions we make each day.  We fear being rejected by a love interest, we fear being ostracized at work, we fear that our project will not turn out as planned, and we sometimes let fear paralyze our progress, keeping us from attempting something beyond our comfort zones. Continue reading “Business Owners: What is your greatest fear?”

Do Summer Dress Code Violations Have You Flipping Out?

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Summer dress code violations - flipping outIn more than 20 years in human resources, I’ve seen my fair share of unprofessional and/or inappropriate attire in the workplace.  When summer arrives, it seems like the clothes get skimpier, the straps get narrower, and shoes look less like shoes and more like string bikinis.

Unless your business is located at a beach or around a pool, it probably does not warrant swimsuits, shorts, flip flops and tank tops in the workplace.  To ensure that employees are aware of and comply with the dress code rules, employers should:

    Continue reading “Do Summer Dress Code Violations Have You Flipping Out?”

Invest in Your Team with These 5 Essential Benefits

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employees love jobs with great benefitsYour company’s human capital is its greatest asset and no matter your industry asset, protection is always a top priority. You can protect your tangible assets – products, hard drives, office supplies – with a lock and an alarm system; you can protect your financial assets by hiring qualified professionals to ensure your money is sheltered from fraud, waste, or abuse; but, how do you protect your most important asset? How do you protect your people? Continue reading “Invest in Your Team with These 5 Essential Benefits”

Intern or Employee? Six Factors to Consider

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Summer internshipsSchool is out, and college students-turned-job-seekers may be knocking at your door.  Before adding summer interns to your office staff, make sure these additions won’t land you in legal hot water.

Before you decide whether or not to pay your summer interns, review the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) governing internship programs.  The Department of Labor (DOL) looks at six factors to determine whether an individual is properly classified as an unpaid intern, or should be considered an employee and paid at least the minimum wage: Continue reading “Intern or Employee? Six Factors to Consider”