Protect Your Company and Your Team from Distracted Driving

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protect-your-company-from-distracted-drivingThere’s a troubling new trend on America’s roads.  After years of steady decline, traffic fatalities have risen more than 14% in the last two years.  Why?  Many experts believe it’s no coincidence that the same two year period has seen a dramatic expansion in mobile phone ownership – and in the ways we use our phones.  Using electronics while driving, whether talking, texting, emailing, reading, or updating social media, seriously impacts our cognitive abilities.  As a result, we see less of our environment, react more slowly and have a false sense of confidence similar to intoxication.

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Focus on Employee Engagement, Attachment for Success

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HR Managers at HR SouthwestOur local HR Managers recently attended the HR Southwest conference in Fort Worth, Texas.  HR Southwest is one of the largest regional HR conferences in the country, and while it is recognized as the Texas SHRM conference, HRSW attracts HR professionals from across the country.  This two and a half day event features an expert lineup of educational sessions, nationally renowned keynote speakers, and great networking opportunities. Continue reading “Focus on Employee Engagement, Attachment for Success”

Invisible Illness – What Employers Should Know About Traumatic Brain Injury

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what-employers-should-know-about-traumatic-brain-injuryLet’s say “Sally from Accounting” slips on a slick spot in the break room and falls.  You rush to the scene and find Sally sitting down, cracking a joke about “seeing stars.” She insists she is “fine” and doesn’t need to see a doctor.  She laughs it off, but her co-worker Carl, who witnessed the whole thing, isn’t so sure.  He says Sally hit her head hard on the kitchen floor when she fell.  She admits she feels a little “dazed,” but she’s sure that it will pass.  Sally isn’t bleeding and she insists she isn’t hurt.  But is that enough to determine that she doesn’t need medical help?

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Partner with a PEO to Hand Off Payroll Headaches

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Partner with a PEO to hand off Payroll headachesAcross the country, in all walks of life, payday is many employees’ favorite day. That’s why, when it comes to processing payroll, it has to be correct and on time, every time.  This task costs time and money, while exposing a business to risk and liability, without producing a single dime of profit.

To the uninitiated, payroll can seem like a minefield of mistakes waiting to happen.  Just processing regular and overtime wages and correctly accruing vacation time or Paid Time Off (PTO) is a lot to handle, once your company has more than a few employees.  Add in record-keeping requirements, Wage and Hour compliance, regulatory reporting, and state, federal and local tax compliance, and processing payroll becomes a task fraught with hidden responsibilities and risks.

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Controlling the Controllables

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Controlling the controllablesA former work colleague of mine recently was diagnosed with cancer.  It came as a surprise to me, as he is in mid-forties and otherwise a very healthy person, as far as I can tell.  I know that he is a resilient person who will fight as hard as he can to get through this.  However, when I reflected on our conversation, I was struck by the fact that I actually seemed more shaken by the diagnosis than he was.  I realize now that his response is driven by one of my favorite mantras, which is the importance of “controlling the controllables.”

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Staff One HR Launches Master Medical Plan with Aetna Effective July 1

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Staff One HR is proud to announce that effective July 1, 2017, we have partnered with Aetna to offer a master medical plan for our clients.  The new offering will include a variety of plan designs, featuring low, mid-range and high deductibles.  Having a master medical plan will allow us greater buying power and provide rate stability for our clients, helping minimize unexpected increases.

It’s a struggle for many small businesses to provide robust benefits for their workforce, but if they don’t provide competitive benefits, they risk losing their best employees to a competitor.  Partnering with a leading carrier like Aetna helps us better meet the needs of our clients across the nation, from attracting top talent to keeping their existing team members happy.

Not only does Staff One HR offer top tier benefits supported by a team of professionals, but our certified HR Managers, Payroll Specialists are second to none.

For more information on the Aetna master plan, becoming a Staff One HR client or referral partner, contact Executive Vice President Donna Meek at or call 405.830.0115.

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Oklahoma: a State of Growth For PEO Clients

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Oklahoma-a-state-of-growth-for-PEO-clientsAs a recent transplant to Oklahoma, I have discovered a state that I am quickly coming to love.  With its generous people and friendly businesses, I wasn’t surprised to find that Oklahoma recently was recognized as the #1 state in the country to start a business by WalletHub and multiple other publications.  Because of its reasonable cost of living and strong business lending environment, it is a great place to start a business.  Affordability is one of Oklahoma’s draws with low living costs and business expenses being 4.9% lower than the U.S. average, making Oklahoma a very business-friendly state.

Oklahoma ranks 6th in the nation for energy production.  With its easy access to natural resources, it is a huge economic boost for the state.  Combined with its low cost of living the state economy has grown in a variety of industries. Industries such as mining, construction and manufacturing are on track to grow by double digits in the next decade.  Unemployment is below the national average, and it is projected that Oklahoma will be adding 175,000 jobs by 2022.

Add the ease of using a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), and a small business can grow and thrive in Oklahoma.  According to a recent study by NAPEO, businesses that use a PEO grow 7 to 9 percent faster, have 10 to 14 percent lower employee turnover, and are 50 percent less likely to go out of business. A PEO provides human resources services, paying wages and taxes.  PEOs can also provide compliance assistance with state and federal regulations.  In addition, a PEO typically can offer its clients Health, Dental, Vision, Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs), 401(k) retirement plans and other benefits that many startups and small businesses aren’t otherwise able to provide.

Combining the lower business expenses in Oklahoma with a PEO relationship can make a strong partnership in the growing Oklahoma economy.  As I continue to explore Oklahoma, make new friends, and build new partnerships, I am excited to see how the state will thrive and continue to grow.  I am proud to call Oklahoma home!

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Should You Promote from Within, or Recruit New Talent?

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should-you-promote-from-within-or-hire-new-talentWhat’s the best way to fill an open position in your organization?  By promoting from within, right?  Everyone knows that your existing talent base provides individuals who are familiar with your organization, your structure and your mission.  So, it would seem to make sense that selecting an outstanding performer to be promoted to a higher position would be the best move.  Less recruiting time and expense, less training time and expense – that’s a win – win!  While promoting from within does have definite advantages, it must be done with thoughtful consideration, or your organization will find itself a victim of the Peter Principle.

The Peter Principle was originally introduced by Dr. Laurence J. Peter in 1969.   The concept essentially states that people tend to be promoted up to their “level of incompetence.”  In other words, employees will be promoted through the ranks based on their demonstrated competence until they reach the inevitable point where the requirements of the new position exceed their level of competence.  While the principle was originally introduced as a satirical piece over 40 years ago, the danger of this happening is a definite reality. Continue reading “Should You Promote from Within, or Recruit New Talent?”

Will Comp Time Be a Possibility for Your Company?

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comp-time-bill-passes-houseCompensatory time, or “comp time,” has long been a benefit available only to public sector employees.  When comp time is available, an hourly employee who works overtime is awarded additional time off in lieu of monetary compensation. The award is made at the same “time and a half” rate that overtime is paid, and is added to the employee’s vacation or Paid Time Off “PTO” bank.

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