How Can You Achieve Transcendent Hiring?

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how-to-achieve-transcendent-hiring“Transcendent” means extending or lying beyond normal limits.  According to LeadershipIQ, 46% of new hires fail within the first 18 months of employment. As a company, if we were only 54% successful in providing our product or service, would we still be in business?  This affects company growth, and more importantly, the bottom line.  To put this into perspective, an employee making $24,000 a year will cost his or her employer $4,000 by leaving that company.  For managers and executives, the turnover cost is even more magnified, ranging between 30%-500% of that person’s annual salary.

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Onboarding is More Than a Two-Way Street

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onboarding-success-in-the-hov-laneI joined Staff One HR three months ago, and I’d describe it best as “onboarding in the HOV lane.” My HR colleague, Marisa Eckberg, expressed the following in her blog post: “An effective onboarding program will engage and connect people to the company culture, jump-start loyalty, and make employees feel valued from the start.” Staff One HR has done a great job in connecting me with the company culture by delivering what they promise and making me feel valued.

Good onboarding programs are a two-way street, with give and take between the new hire and the company.  But the best onboarding is more like an HOV lane, where the new employee and the employer are working in tandem and heading the same direction. Companies should create a complete and comprehensive experience, but it is also up to the new employee to be committed and bring ideas and a solid work ethic to the table in order for the onboarding program to be successful. Within the last 90 days, Staff One HR has not only provided me with proper training and tools, but has given me a home away from home:  a place where I have found challenging work and can be myself.  How did they do it? Continue reading “Onboarding is More Than a Two-Way Street”

Protect Your Workplace, Flu Season Isn’t Over

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flu-season-isnt-over-protect-your-workplace“A flu prevention blog?  In February?  Nope, we covered that in the fall.  We’re done.”

Except we’re not done.  Flu season, which costs American businesses about $87.1 billion annually, typically peaks in February and can last through May.  This year’s influenza virus activity been strong, fast, and deadly.  So far, 49 states have already experienced a significant outbreak, and experts predict that it’s far from over.

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When Is The Right Time to Hire an HR Professional?

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when-is-the-right-time-to-hire-an-HR-professionalA tough decision for many small business owners today is deciding on the right time to hire an HR professional.  Most business owners have navigated through funding, have established their customer base, have a strong idea of what they want their company culture to be, and have a plan in place to grow their business.  However, they may be uncertain as to when is the right time to add an HR professional to the mix.

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Considering a PEO? Ask These 5 Questions

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considering-a-PEO-ask-these-5-questionsIf you’re thinking about using a PEO, do yourself a favor and ask these five essential questions.

How long has the PEO been in business? There’s no replacement for experience and know-how, and in general, the longer the PEO has been in business, the more efficient and effective they are in serving your needs.

Is the PEO ESAC-accredited? Accreditation through the Employer Services Assurance Corporation provides a $15 million surety bond to clients in the event that the PEO were ever to go bankrupt.  It protects clients and provides assurance that their workers’ compensation insurance, their benefits premiums, and their payroll taxes are paid accurately and on time.

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Dealing with Disaster:  Business Planning, Survival and Recovery

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Disaster can strike anywhere, as we’ve seen all too often.  Reports of communities decimated by natural disasters like hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and tornadoes, as well as man-made destruction such as fires or terrorism, are in the news almost weekly. In addition to deep human tragedy and physical damage, these events also leave economic scars.  After a major disaster, 25 percent of impacted businesses will not reopen, and fewer than 30 percent of those that do will remain in operation two years later.

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From Entrepreneur to Employee: I love my J-O-B

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from-entrepreneur-to-employee-I-love-my-jobI’m a relatively happy person. I have my family (though we are scattered across the U.S.), my pets (low-pitched meows and growls pervade my workspace as my puppy Roxy terrorizes my 14-year-old cat Jacques as I write this), and I have my work.

Now, “W-2 work” has never been a thing I have loved, or oftentimes even liked, over my many years on this earth. I have excelled as a self-employed individual when I could afford it, but it is an expensive game in the early years, and not one many of us can afford, so we expense-poor entrepreneurs may eventually turn to the dreaded employment.

Working for Staff One HR has changed my perception of working as an employee.

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Set the Tone for a Long-Lasting Adventure

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set-the-tone-for-a-lasting-adventureOn November 1, 2017, I started a new adventure with Staff One HR. Human Resources Generalist Marissa Corken conducted my initial orientation and gave me the tour of our office and the building.  My office was decorated with a welcome sign signed by everyone, plus a picture of my personal family.  We even have a free gym on site, complete with showers.

Our HR Director took me to lunch on my first day so we could get better acquainted. As the week went on, I found it refreshing how helpful all my HR teammates were, as well as everyone from other departments. Did I mention that we have free fresh fruit every day and that team members have continued to approach me to ask if I needed anything?  I felt soooo welcome! Continue reading “Set the Tone for a Long-Lasting Adventure”

Boost Your Benefits for a Great 2018

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boost-your-benefits-for-a-great-2018It’s the fourth quarter of the year…what does that mean to you?  For many, it’s the time for football, holidays, and vacations.  For a business owner, it could mean preparing for the coming year, deciding on health insurance, hiring new employees, researching benefits, making W-2 preparations, and analyzing costs. By partnering with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), business owners can eliminate or reduce many of these year-end tasks.

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Protect Your Company and Your Team from Distracted Driving

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protect-your-company-from-distracted-drivingThere’s a troubling new trend on America’s roads.  After years of steady decline, traffic fatalities have risen more than 14% in the last two years.  Why?  Many experts believe it’s no coincidence that the same two year period has seen a dramatic expansion in mobile phone ownership – and in the ways we use our phones.  Using electronics while driving, whether talking, texting, emailing, reading, or updating social media, seriously impacts our cognitive abilities.  As a result, we see less of our environment, react more slowly and have a false sense of confidence similar to intoxication.

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