Creating and Updating Job Descriptions: a Job Worth Doing

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creating-and-updating-job-descriptionsJob descriptions are not just an exercise in compliance.  Most people would agree that compensation, succession planning, performance management, and training and development are essential to your organization’s success.  However, many people don’t realize how central good job descriptions are to these very things.

From a recruiting perspective, making sure you have the right content in your job description is going to help you bring in the right people into your organization, and put them in the right roles.  The next step is to make sure those employees know what’s expected of them from Day One. A good job description is going to help guide them through their careers in your organization.

From a rewards perspective, it’s also very important to be able to benchmark each job against other jobs in your organization.  Let’s face it, jobs change and morph over time.  Making sure you have the right essential duties in that job description is very important from a compliance perspective, as well as making sure your employees know what to do.

In today’s environment, it’s important from a compliance perspective that job descriptions are up to date. Job descriptions should be reviewed and updated at least once a year, and if your organization is changing and growing, it might be more frequently than that.  Again, it’s not just a lesson in compliance, it’s also making sure everyone in your organization knows what they’re doing and where they’re going.

Working with a Professional Employer Organization like Staff One HR can help you stay on track with employee handbooks and job descriptions.  PEOs have the expertise and knowledge to create and update solid job descriptions as your organization grows and changes.  Our credentialed HR team can assist you not only if you have a dispute with an employee, but also polish up your job description to ensure you’re attracting the right candidates for the role you want to fill.

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