Culture Shock: Create a Results-Focused Culture and Change Your Business

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Creating a results-focused culture doesn’t mean you should begin by sourcing results-oriented candidates.  It should start with clearly defining the results you want, and then finding the right people to help you get there.

create-a-results-focused-culture-and-change-your-businessTo create a results-focused culture within your company, you will need buy-in and support from both managers and employees.  You may have to make a shift in the mindset at your company, and create a professional development plan that supports it.

We often see that inputs -> outputs ->  outcomes -> results, but let’s take a different approach and work backward.  That’s right…start by focusing on the difference a results-focused culture will make on your organization and work toward what your organization will do and/or invest to get those results.

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The shift starts with defining the results and determining what work team members must accomplish in order to become successful.  Employ a professional development plan that promotes a diverse, high performing workforce by implementing and maintaining effective performance management systems and rewards programs. There should be clear links between what the organization’s results are and how the employees make that happen.

Here are six guidelines for achieving a results-focused culture:

  1. Create the desired goals/outcomes for your organization.
  2. Align individual performance with organizational goals.
  3. Provide and routinely use a performance system to track organizational and individual priorities.
  4. Check in with your employees throughout the year.
  5. Have and track competencies for a robust performance review.
  6. Link pay to individual and organizational performance.

Remember, your employees are your organization’s best and most valuable assets!  By creating a results-focused culture where both the company and employees thrive, you can change your business for the better.  Staff One HR helps clients build the company culture they desire, while retaining their best employees and boosting productivity.

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