Employee Perks Can Make a Big Difference

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right-perks-make-a-differenceWhat could you do with an extra $5,000?  Would you believe that you could have an extra $5,000 just by doing your everyday shopping? This may sound too good to be true, but this is what I personally have saved over the last two years with a “perk” offered by my employer.

Perks at Work, an online discount marketplace, is one of the benefits that Staff One HR offers to its clients and employees.  It’s a handy way for me to shop online at all of my favorite stores, book travel and rental cars, purchase event tickets, send flowers, get discounts on vehicles, and much more.  Perks at Work has exclusive sales and promotions that I would not be able to get through the various coupon and discount programs like Groupon or Living Social. As I make my purchases, I also earn “WOW” points that I can use toward future purchases on the Perks at Work site.

Last year when I was shopping for a car, I happened to check the Perks site before heading off to the car dealership. They happened to have a rebate through Chevrolet, plus a car buying assistance program.  By leveraging this program, I saved an additional $1,500!  You should have seen the salesperson’s face!  That was $1,500 I didn’t have to finance, so it adds up to a total of almost $1,800 saved, if you figure that into a loan.

During the holidays, I did all of my shopping utilizing the promotions through Perks, with the exception of my Amazon.com purchases. During the Christmas season, I saved approximately $1,000 and earned enough points that it paid for my three-night hotel stay this past weekend.

Perks at Work is extremely easy to use, as I just log on to the website when I shop, and I receive a customized weekly newsletter featuring weekly specials in my personal email box.  The Perks site accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for your shopping pleasure and convenience.

With the ever-changing workplace environment and employees looking for new and different benefits, employers should consider this unique and valuable benefit.  For additional examples of successful experiences with Perks at Work, contact the author directly at heather.wood@staffone.com