From Entrepreneur to Employee: I love my J-O-B

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from-entrepreneur-to-employee-I-love-my-jobI’m a relatively happy person. I have my family (though we are scattered across the U.S.), my pets (low-pitched meows and growls pervade my workspace as my puppy Roxy terrorizes my 14-year-old cat Jacques as I write this), and I have my work.

Now, “W-2 work” has never been a thing I have loved, or oftentimes even liked, over my many years on this earth. I have excelled as a self-employed individual when I could afford it, but it is an expensive game in the early years, and not one many of us can afford, so we expense-poor entrepreneurs may eventually turn to the dreaded employment.

Working for Staff One HR has changed my perception of working as an employee.

Over the years, I have found my strength in education.  Obviously, I’m not a schoolteacher, but what I teach is invaluable for companies and their employees in the world of health insurance and other such education.  What I teach saves many companies tens of thousands of dollars per year.

How?  Have you recently evaluated the health plan you offer your employees? Do your employees understand the benefits you offer, or are they constantly coming to you with issues? How can you offer paid maternity leave without actually paying for it? The answers to these questions are money savers, I promise you.

Being an entrepreneur first, I find myself contemplating the answers to these questions. At 6:45 am on a Sunday, I find myself building an educational piece to help employees understand the Health Reimbursement Arrangement employers put in place to save their companies money in employer contributions to employees’ health insurance premiums. Would employees normally partake of such an account that might save you $200 per employee per month? No. But with the proper education, not only will they participate on a larger scale, but they too will benefit, having saved part of an unused premium they typically never would have recovered from the insurance carrier, to dedicate toward (potentially) their own retirement.

CEO Mark Sinatra and Executive Vice President Donna Meek encourage Staff One HR team members to think outside of the box, and especially to align ourselves with what is in the best interest of our clients. This means everything from education on employee benefits to clear and timely communication to proactive planning to save employers and employees money and time.

I am encouraged as an employee, and feel more like my old entrepreneurial self.  Our Glassdoor reviews say it best.  Staff One HR is a growing organization, with an executive team that really does have the best interests of not only our employees, but also our clients and their employees at heart.

I love my J-O-B.  Join me in thinking outside the box.  If you’d like to know more about how working with a PEO like Staff One HR can help your group save time and money, while keeping your employees happier, more productive and better educated, contact us at 1.800.771.7823.

Image: Kaspars Grinvalds