Hiring for Success: Predictive Index Helps Identify Candidates

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hiring-for-successHave you ever had to replace an employee or hire for a new position?  If you have, then you know how time consuming this process can be.  If you’ve ever had to go through this process for the new hire to only last a short time with your organization due to not being a good fit, you know how frustrating….and how costly that can be.

Staff One utilizes a tool called Predictive Index® (PI) to assist in identifying the candidates best suited for any open positions that we may have.  We use the PI results for people and positions to better identify candidates that meet our culture criteria. Using the PI tool has helped us to identify candidates that are best suited for our organization based on their behavioral characteristics of how they perceive their role in the work environment. We also utilize a tool called a PRO for each position.

The PRO is built by the hiring manager for a specific position within his or her department to identify the business needs and employee characteristics of that position.  By using the PRO in conjunction with the PI, our managers are able to identify the characteristics and behavioral qualities that they are looking for in an employee, as well as set parameters that are in line with our corporate culture.  Being able to identify candidates who meet both of those needs enables us to hire the right employee the first time, instead of having to spend a significant amount of our time qualifying resumes and candidates only to find out that the person selected was not a good fit for our culture.  This also helps offset our turnover, which is essential in having a stable team that supports our clients.

The PI provides specific, objective, and valid information to help our managers gain a better understanding of the motivational tendencies of people as well as the motivational requirements of a position. These characteristics help us understand what it means for people to do what comes naturally.  It also is helpful in coaching toward an individual’s success, team communication, and corporate strategic planning.

Our goal in identifying the best fit for Staff One is not only success for our company, but success for our employees.  Understanding their behaviors and motivational factors not only helps us put the right people in the right seat but helps us coach our employees to the next level of their career.

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