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People often ask me what I do…and to be honest, it is different for every company.  While the services provided are technically the same, each company has its own set of goals, and the road to success looks a little different for everyone.

I’d like to share the stories of three of my clients in the Dallas – Fort Worth area and how we help them meet their goals:

  1. Real estate company, Irving, TX: This group became a client about four years ago. At the time they had 13 employees and one location. In my conversations with the business owner, he shared with me his desire to grow his business. However, at the time he was spending about a quarter of his time on people-related issues and did not currently have any internal policies or procedures around his people. He was looking for a partner that would help with infrastructure so that he could scale his business. Our team was able to come in, design a handbook and policies that fit his culture and business, train his employees, implement a technology platform, and give him access to provide a comprehensive benefits package to help attract the right talent. By utilizing all these things, our client has doubled in size and increased their profits.
  2. Dental Office, Frisco, TX: This group became a client about a year ago, and was having significant internal struggles with their employee base. They were looking for a partner with extensive HR expertise that would work with them to implement strategies to improve their culture.  Our team has partnered with them by designing and conducting training for their team.  We’ve also helped the client navigate some very tough employee situations, and our team’s expertise has helped the client avoid a potential lawsuit.
  3. Restaurant Group, Fort Worth, TX: This group had about 700 employees when they came on as a Staff One HR client a little over two years ago. They were looking for a company to partner with their current HR Manager, to provide support that would not only allow the company to scale without having to add any internal staff, but also a partner that would take the administrative burden off their current HR Executive and allow him to focus on the HR initiatives needed to grow the business. Our team was able to provide a benefits administrator, a payroll administrator, HR support, and a technology platform.  Together, these services gave their HR executive a support team and a streamlined solution, and has allowed for smoother new restaurant openings, more efficient processes for accounting and payroll, and improved employee retention.
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Ultimately, what do I do every day? I get to meet with businesses owners and help them remove obstacles that are keeping them from meeting their goals…and I love it!

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