Invest in Employee Development and Ongoing Training

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Employee-development-training-should-never-endEmployee development should be customized to match the individual goals and expectations of each team member.  That’s why it’s important for managers to engage in ongoing and regular conversations with employees to be sure they stay engaged and invested in determining and driving the direction of their professional development.  In today’s world, we are experiencing a more diverse and inclusive work environment than ever before.  Remember, Millennials expect and thrive on constant development and feedback, so this is a wise investment in your up-and-coming team members.

Scheduling and planning

Identify your business’s core competencies and values, and align your employee training programs to support them.  When planning for the coming year, dedicate an appropriate amount of time each month – or at least each quarter – to ongoing development and training.  Make sure the training is relevant and timely, and hold yourself and your team accountable to get the training done.

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While topics such as safety training and sexual harassment prevention typically are required on an annual basis for most workplaces, consider whether diversity and inclusion training should be added to your annual training toolbox.  Ask for input on desired topics, and request feedback after each training is conducted, so you can continue to provide valuable information and skills for your employees.

Development and succession planning

Employee training and development supports your company’s overall talent resources, as well as your succession planning.  As your business grows and you plan for the future, over time the investment in employee development will help ensure you have the right people to meet your increased demands.

Staff One HR provides a full menu of training courses customized to the specific industry and culture of each client organization.  Staff One HR offers additional tools, resources, and expertise, such as the Predictive Index assessment, based on team building and recruiting, as well as a robust e-learning platform which offers thousands of training courses to our clients.

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