Is it Time for a Change?

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change-is-good-you-go-first“Change is good.  You go first.”  I laughed out loud when I read this sentiment on the bumper of the car ahead of me, because it speaks to something most of us feel.  While we crave change, we also cling to the familiar.

Greatness is achieved through change, whether radical and sudden, or plodding and methodical.  Without change, we cannot grow, and we cannot achieve different and better results.

In April 2018, I’ll celebrate 20 years with Staff One HR.  I’ve seen and experienced many changes during that time, from different office locations to the advent of email as the primary means of communication, and websites as essential sources of information.  One thing that has not changed is our organization’s dedication to learning and to serving our clients.

Improvement through learning

Each of our HR Managers is required to achieve certification as a Professional in Human Resources (PHR) through the HR Certification Institute, and every Payroll Specialist must achieve either Fundamental Payroll Certification (FPC) or Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) status through the American Payroll Association.  We have team members who hold MBAs and insurance licenses, are certified CPAs, and are Board members for several industry organizations.

Why does this matter?  Because we are learners, not just “knowers.”  Staff One HR supports team members as we continue our education through certifications, seminars, workshops, conferences, and internal training, because we are committed to being experts in our fields and providing top-notch service and guidance for our clients.

Doing the right thing the right way means taking the plunge into new technology, software, and process improvements.  Each of these things requires commitment from both our company and team members.  We must not only learn the new, but become its advocates.

Change can be difficult

Crossing the Chasm, by Geoffrey A. Moore, expressed clearly the “adoption life cycle” for technology, from innovators to early adopters, followed by the early majority, late majority, and laggards.  He pointed out the vast chasm between the early adopters of technology – those who have a compelling desire for the latest and greatest – and the early majority, who wait until they know the technology actually offers improvements.

“There is no greater mistake than to try to leap an abyss in two jumps,” said British statesman David Lloyd George.  Not committing to the leap means agreeing to fail, whether that failure is immediate or delayed.  Failure is not always catastrophic or even negative, if you learn from it…even if the lesson is simply to commit more fully and quickly at the next opportunity.

First to be second?

“Everyone wants to be first to be second,” explained Morgan Spurlock, describing his experience of soliciting sponsors for “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.”  It was extremely difficult for him to get the first business to commit, but his persistence paid off.  As soon as the first sponsor signed up, others quickly followed.

Perhaps you are excited by new ideas and processes, embracing change in all forms.  Or maybe you resist new and different concepts, processes, and procedures, making incremental adjustments or even railing against change.

How do you know when it’s time for a change in your business?  If you’d like to achieve greater success and business growth and hand off your HR, payroll, employee benefits and risk management headaches, a Professional Employer Organization like Staff One HR can help.  Businesses in a PEO arrangement grow 7-9 percent faster, have up to 14 percent less turnover, and are 50 percent less likely to go out of business.

Change is good.  Go first.

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