Medical Services in Dallas, Texas

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Medical Services
Dallas, Texas
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The Challenge
The client is a healthcare holding company with three wholy owned subsidiaries: A pharmaceutical research practice, an addiction recovery practice and a plastic surgery practice with a strong ENT focus. When the three practices joined forces in 2007 to perform specialized research studies for the pharmaceutical industry, the level of interaction between them dramatically increased, and HR and employee administration issues began to arise.

The Staff One Impact
Working with the directors of each practice jointly and individually, the Staff One team designed a comprehensive employee handbook and policy manual that addressed each practice’s particular needs while providing consistency for the group as a whole. In addition, the Staff One assisted one of the practices on a broad range of topics as its management team worked to obtain a specialized certification.

A total of 16 policies were reviewed, redesigned, approved and implemented within six-months. These policies ranged from basic items such as the development of job descriptions and an employee evaluation policy, to specific practice quality management, continuing education and improvement programs.

In addition to producing these policies in the required time, the Staff One team also designed and implemented a safety program for the client; including customized safety training and manuals.

Within a few months of partnering with Staff One, the client was able to effectively manage its employer and workers’ compensation risks, while focusing its critical resources and energy on optimizing the performance of its newly combined businesses.