It’s National Payroll Appreciation Week!

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national-payroll-weekTypically, the Payroll Department is the first to be thanked for a job well done and also the first to be called out when something isn’t right. So when it comes to payroll, finding an expert is a top priority for most business owners. Payroll can take a lot of time away from other areas of your business that actually need more of your attention, simply because payroll must be processed in a timely matter and calculated correctly.

Additionally, you must keep up with IRS regulations, which can and will change regularly. Do you have the time to keep up with the ever-changing regulations? Failure to comply with IRS regulations can lead to costly consequences.

With all of that on your shoulders, let’s add the employees, with the endless – but important – questions and updates that need to be made:

  •          I need to change my address.
  •          Can you explain these deductions on my check?
  •          I don’t think I got all of my hours, how can we check?
  •          Why isn’t my pay increase showing on my check?
  •          Where does it show my overtime pay?

If that’s not enough, if an employee is paid incorrectly over a period of time (regardless of who is at fault), that employee may take legal action.

While keeping payroll in-house might seem cost effective at first blush, someone is going to have to take responsibility and time out of their day – perhaps every day – to “handle” payroll, tax deposits, garnishments, and more.

If you’re interested in taking a load off of your payroll person or team, imagine having a back office full of HR, employee benefits and payroll experts you can rely on to keep you in compliance and focused on your core business.  That’s the true benefit of HR outsourcing, or partnering with a PEO.

With Staff One HR  in your corner, you can rest assured that your payroll is being processed by trained, certified professionals who make it their duty to ensure timely, accurate processing. Each Payroll Specialist at Staff One HR has received his or her FPC or CPP accreditation through the American Payroll Association.

This week, we celebrate National Payroll Week. Why not take a few minutes to recognize the person or people who handle payroll at your company…thank them for an often thankless job, and let them know you appreciate their efforts.

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