Onboarding is More Than a Two-Way Street

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onboarding-success-in-the-hov-laneI joined Staff One HR three months ago, and I’d describe it best as “onboarding in the HOV lane.” My HR colleague, Marisa Eckberg, expressed the following in her blog post: “An effective onboarding program will engage and connect people to the company culture, jump-start loyalty, and make employees feel valued from the start.” Staff One HR has done a great job in connecting me with the company culture by delivering what they promise and making me feel valued.

Good onboarding programs are a two-way street, with give and take between the new hire and the company.  But the best onboarding is more like an HOV lane, where the new employee and the employer are working in tandem and heading the same direction. Companies should create a complete and comprehensive experience, but it is also up to the new employee to be committed and bring ideas and a solid work ethic to the table in order for the onboarding program to be successful. Within the last 90 days, Staff One HR has not only provided me with proper training and tools, but has given me a home away from home:  a place where I have found challenging work and can be myself.  How did they do it?
Delivering on promises. Team members don’t have to earn trust at Staff One HR; it is given from the moment they are hired. The reverse was also true for me, as the company and its people immediately gained my trust by delivering on their promises. Such promises include proper training, free gym membership, fresh fruit weekly, mileage reimbursement, suitable workspace with computer, email and phone, access to necessary software programs, company calendar, invitations to company events, and more.  I felt included and set up for success.

Providing challenging work.  Ensure that the work described during the interview process is actually what the new hire will be performing, and more. In my short time at Staff One HR, I have clearly identified my role and how it affects the business.  I have partnered with other HR colleagues in setting goals for clients, and traveled to various locations to assist with onboarding.  I have worked with sales team members to help secure new clients, and I have translated documents for Spanish speaking clients.  I have even worked with our benefits broker on presenting benefit options for new clients.  It’s been fast-paced, with great variety, but all falls within the role described to me during my interview process. Be yourself.  Allow new employees time to understand the business and embrace the company’s culture, but most importantly, make sure employees feel comfortable enough to bring and contribute their own thoughts and ideas. Research shows that when employees are encouraged to bring their personal strengths and habits to the workplace, their work becomes more satisfying and meaningful. At Staff One HR, I enjoy a good cardio workout every morning, my office reflects my passion for soccer, my speakers are playing salsa music, and my HR Director allows me to add my personal work habits when onboarding clients and building relationships, as long as I stay within business guidelines.

Marisa concluded, “There is no single design or approach that is right for every organization, but when done correctly, onboarding programs will lead to lower turnover, higher performance, and a more engaged workforce.” Staff One HR has it done right, and I’m enjoying cruising through my onboarding in the HOV lane (with my seatbelt on, of course).

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