Partnership with Staff One

If you work with owners of companies that have from 5 to 500 employees, we offer a great way to set yourself apart from your competitors.  We will arm you with a unique advantage that will help you acquire more clients and increase your client retention.  Isn’t that what it’s all about?

Staff One HR’s strategy includes working with the trusted advisor community to better communicate with businesses that have HR outsourcing needs. Our partnership program includes strategic alliance incentives, referral training, joint seminar opportunities, and an mutually-beneficial approach that serves our partners’ core competencies well.

We specifically designed this referral partnership program for trusted advisors in the following areas of expertise:

We should talk if:

  • You discover that your client has HR needs
  • Your client is expanding into new markets organically or via acquisition
  • You are trying to find ways for your client to more effectively manage overhead costs (e.g. insurance, taxes, etc.)
  • Your client is suffering from the following pain points:
    • Spending too much time on HR and administrative duties
    • Using a PEO but not happy
    • Employee turnover
    • Employee lawsuit
    • Distributed business model (multiple locations and/or multiple states)
    • Multi-state exposure
    • Key man risk
    • Inefficient HR processes or bloated overhead
    • HR person recently left
    • Payroll and taxes not administered correctly and/or timely
    • Needs to expand quickly but doesn’t have the HR infrastructure to do so

The proof is in our results. Check out our Case Studies to learn how we’ve impacted our clients’ businesses, or email