Partners Plus for CPAs

The CPA/Tax Professional Community and Staff One’s Trusted HR Solutions.  Our goals are the same.

Today’s business climate is fierce with growing competition and increased federal and state regulations. Business owners and decision makers need help navigating their way to success.  At Staff One, we help business owners increase efficiencies by streamlining their HR functions and minimizing business risks.

CPA and tax professionals like you seek to help a client retain as much of their hard-earned money as the law allows, while keeping them in compliance with federal and state tax authorities. The ideal result is a client’s peace of mind. Our goals are the same.

Staff One and Partners Plus

Staff One is a leading Human Resources Outsourcing firm with an ESAC accredited and bonded PEO service offering.  Staff One’s sales strategy includes working with the trusted advisor community to better communicate with businesses that have HR outsourcing needs. Our Partners Plus Program includes strategic alliance incentives, referral training, joint seminar opportunities, and an overall mutually-beneficial approach that serves our partners’ core competencies well.

We Solve Problems.

Staff One helps businesses effectively outsource the management of human resources, employee benefits, payroll and tax administration, compliance and risk administration, productivity improvement resources and workers’ compensation.

Our specific client values include:

  • providing an HR infrastructure that reduces transactional errors and employer liability
  • offering “big company” benefits to businesses of all sizes
  • creating more time within a business to reallocate toward profitability

We Complement a CPA or Tax Professional’s Core Offering.

Staff One’s HR solutions can easily be recommended to business clients during financial statement reviews or strategic planning sessions.  Our trusted HR solutions can help businesses meet their financial goals and address key concerns.  Financial statement preparation and tax consulting are not part of Staff One’s offering.  Therefore, as our sales team learns more about a CPA or tax professional’s specific expertise, those individual solutions can often be offered and implemented alongside a custom-designed HR outsourcing solution.

Why Staff One?

Founded in 1988, Staff One is a leading Human Resources outsourcing firm with an ESAC accredited and bonded PEO service offering.  Staff One operates as a full-service human resources department and delivers a comprehensive range of solutions that provides our clients with a high level of support and value. The result is the ability for businesses to focus on profitability and sustainable growth.