Private Equity and Venture Capital

Private Equity and Venture Capital professionals like you seek to ensure that the management within your portfolio companies maximizes time spent on core activities and growing revenue.

We complement strategies of Private Equity and Venture Capital professionals.

Staff One’s HR solutions should be part of any portfolio company’s management strategy and often recommended prior to a new venture receiving initial funding.  Becoming more knowledgeable about the HR outsourcing trend can help private equity and venture capital professionals better identify when these services are needed by a business.

Our Partners Plus Program includes strategic alliance incentives, referral training, joint seminar opportunities, and an overall mutually-beneficial approach that serves our partners’ core competencies well.

Many services, like company valuations and investment modeling strategies, are not provided by Staff One.  Therefore, as our sales team learns more about a private equity and venture capital professional’s specific expertise, those services often can be offered and implemented alongside a custom-designed HR outsourcing solution.

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