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Staff One HR is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) that consults on employee benefits, workers’ compensation, group health insurance, risk management, compliance management, payroll and tax administration, and more. In 2017, Staff One acquired the operations of The HRB Group, founded in 2013.

Together, Staff One’s team will help reduce liability, retain employees, and attract new talent. In short, Staff One HR can handle the fine print while you focus on propelling your company into the future and leaving the competition in the dust.

Denver is officially known as the “Mile High City,” but it’s not just the office buildings and the Rocky Mountains that reach for the sky in this part of Colorado. Over the last few decades, thousands of Denver-based entrepreneurs have pursued their dreams of business ownership, and the state and local economies have grown by leaps and bounds as a direct result. So whether you’re a highly-educated doctor, a natural-born salesperson, or even a self-taught brewer, this city is a place where you can strike gold. In order to do so, though, you’ll need a dedicated team of professionals and HR solutions that suit your business’ size, culture, and long-term goals.

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Cost of Doing Business in Denver, CO

Metro Population

Denver: 2,820,200
Austin, TX: 2,008,300
Portland, OR: 2,392,300
  • Metro Size Rank: 16th in US (American Fact Finder, 2016)
  • Major Industries: Aerospace, Telecommunications, Technology (Forbes)
  • Current Gross Metro Product: $178.2 Billion (Forbes)
  • Unemployment: 3% (Forbes)
  • Job Growth: 7% in 2015 (Forbes)
  • Net Population Change: +92,902 or 15.5% in Johnson City proper (Census, 2010-2016, )

Median Household Income

Denver: $69,908
Austin, TX: $64,839
Portland, OR: $62,707
  • Median Household Income Growth: 5% (Forbes)
  • Median Home Price: $386,000 (Forbes)
  • Annual Commute Hours & Cost: 49 hours, $1,101 (2014, TAMU)
  • Average Monthly Rent for 1 Bedroom: $1,581.19 (2017, Numbeo)
  • Annual Sunshine: 69% Sunny in Denver (Current Results)

State and City Income Tax

  • Regardless of tax bracket, Colorado has a personal income tax of 4.63% (Bankrate)
  • Denver has an additional personal income tax of $5.75 per month on gross earnings over $500

Denver Sales Tax: 7.65%

Franchise Tax: None

  • Business owners are simply taxed at a flat rate on their income.

State Property Tax: Varies

  • Property taxes are based on the property’s value, assessment ratio, and the millage set by the Colorado state constitution. Thus, rates differ substantially from place to place. (Center for Colorado Policy Studies)

County & City Property Tax Rate: Varies

  • Denver County Property Tax: .56% Average Effective Rate (Smart Asset)
  • Denver City Property Tax: 1.05% or 0.56% Average Effective Rate (Smart Asset)

Business Property Tax: Varies

Businesses are evaluated on an individual basis to determine tax rate (City and County of Denver)

Health Insurance in Colorado

  • Working Age Uninsured
  • Non-Working Age Uninsured
  • Covered by Employer
  • Medicaid Covered
  • Medicare Covered

Workers’ Compensation: Required

  • All employers must carry worker’s compensation for the first employee hired (  Independent contractors and business owners are not required to have Worker’s Comp in Colorado.

State Unemployment Insurance (SUI)

  • (SUI): 2.11% to 9.57% in 2017, depending upon the industry (Payroll Taxes)

State Disability Insurance: Not Required