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Staff One’s newest branch is located in the Tri-Cities area of Johnson City, Kingsport and Bristol, Tennessee. As a full service Professional Employer Organization (PEO), Staff One partners with businesses nationwide on HR, taxes, benefits and more.

Call today or request a quote for services online.  Staff One HR is licensed in Tennessee, and our team of professionals works with small, mid-size and large employers across the state.  Drop by our office north of Johnson City or we’ll be happy to visit your headquarters.

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Cost of Doing Business in Johnson City, TN

Metro Population

Johnson City: 200,800
Kingsport/Bristol: 307,300
Knoxville: 862,400
  • Metro/City Size Rank: 162nd in US (2015, Census)
  • Major Industries: Education, Health care (Forbes)
  • Current Gross Metro Product: $8 Billion (Forbes)
  • Unemployment: 4.9% (Forbes)
  • Job Growth: 1.2% (Forbes)
  • Net Population Change: +2,542 or 4% in Johnson City proper (2010-2014, Census)

Median Household Income

Johnson City: $39,681
Kingsport/Bristol: $40,064
Knoxville: $46,288
  • Median Household Income Growth: 2% (Forbes)
  • Median Home Price: $140,300 (Forbes)
  • Average Monthly Rent for 1 Bedroom: $ 685.71 (2016, Numbeo)
  • Annual Sunshine: 55% Sunny in Johnson City (Best Places)
  • Minimum Wage (Federal Level): $7.25 per hour
  • Average Weekly Wages in Metro $631 (Core Data)

Tennessee Personal Income Tax: 0%

0% on personal income from wages and salaries, but there is a flat 6% tax on interest and dividend earnings (Bankrate)

Johnson City, TN does not have a city income tax.

Sales Tax: 9.5%

The statewide sales tax for Tennessee is 7%.  Washington county (in which Johnson City is located) adds an additional tax of 2.5%.

Franchise Tax

25% of the net worth of all property in Tennessee or $100, whichever is more (Tennessee Dept. of Revenue)

State Property Tax

No official state property tax, but the state has a hand in determining county tax rates.

Property taxes are calculated by taking the property’s appraised value (which is decided by the county property assessor) and multiplying it by the “Assessment Ratio” set by the state—for personal property, this is 25%, and for businesses, this number is 40%. This amount, referred to as an Appraised Value, is then multiplied by the county tax rate, and any local city taxes are also taken into account. Thus, property taxes can vary substantially from county to county. (Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury)

County & City Property Tax Rate

Washington County Property Tax rate: .63% (Smart Asset)

City of Johnson City Property Tax: 1.58% (City of Johnson City, 2015)

Business Property Tax

Rates vary based on business’s classification and whether they are a retailer or a wholesaler. The minimum for any business, though, is $22. (Tennessee Department of Revenue)

Health Insurance in Tennessee

  • Working Age Uninsured
  • Non-Working Age Uninsured
  • Covered by Employer
  • Medicaid Covered
  • Medicare Covered

Workers’ Compensation: Required

All employers in the construction industry who have one or more employees must offer insurance (and also must insure themselves) unless a special exemption is secured

All employers in the coal mining industry who have one or more employees must offer insurance.

For all other industries, any employer with five or more employees must provide insurance to their employees unless a special exemption is secured. (Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development)

State Unemployment Insurance (SUI)

2.7% to 7% for 2017, depending upon industry

Payroll Taxes: Wage base = $8,000.

State Disability Insurance: Optional

  • Business Licensing Types:
    • Some industries require licensing on the state level, while many others need only to be registered with both the city of Johnson City and Washington County.
    • Johnson City business licenses are also called Business Tax Licenses.  These kinds of licenses must be renewed (and the associated fees paid) yearly. Learn more at
  • Business Registration Cost: