PEO Services

You don’t have to do it alone.

We understand that being a business owner is tough.  After all, if it were easy, everyone would be their own boss!  Running a business takes serious skill and dedication.  But let’s be honest: as a business owner, you probably don’t want to spend your valuable time doing paperwork or researching complicated, ever-changing rules and regulations.  Nor do you want to deal with a revolving door of employees who just aren’t the right fit.  Your hours are much better utilized running the show and coming up with ways to stay one step ahead of the competition.

So why not hand off your administrative needs to a specialist?  A Professional Employer Organization, or PEO, allows businesses to do just that.  PEOs take on the task of managing human resources, payroll, workers’ compensation, and employee benefits.  For businesses, it’s a win-win: the owner is able to focus on the bottom line without being bogged down by red tape, and employees can rest assured that their needs—specifically job security and satisfaction—are taken care of.

Keep in mind that PEO companies are not temporary staffing companies.  Although a PEO may oversee HR management duties that include employee orientation and management training, the PEO does not outsource its own employees to fill vacancies at your business, nor are they interested in finding you temporary employees who will quickly move on to “greener pastures.”  In fact, one of the goals of a PEO is to help you compile a team of trustworthy employees who will work well together—and offer them benefits and a great work environment that will encourage them to stick around.

The PEO industry is a relatively young one, but it’s growing fast: in the last 30 years, an estimated 700 to 900 Professional Employment Organizations have sprung up in the United States alone.  And businesses that work with PEOs see, on average, 9% more employment growth than businesses who forgo PEOs. It doesn’t matter whether a company consists of 20 employees or 200, or if it’s a medical group or a group of plumbers.  Nearly every size or type business can benefit from a PEO relationship.  So if you’re wondering if a PEO is right for your company…chances are, the answer is “Yes!”

And when it comes to PEOs, Staff One HR stands out above the rest.  We’ve been in operation for over 27 years, longer than the vast majority of our competitors.  We’ve earned ESAC and Certification Institute accreditations, the gold standard to which all PEOs aspire.  And we have a workers’ compensation program with a .86 modifier, making it one of the best in the industry.  Essentially, our business is helping you to improve your business, and as our established clients will tell you, we’re pretty good at what we do.  So give us a call today, and find out how Staff One HR can help your business grow.

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