Positive Lifestyle Impacts Corporate Culture

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sitting on a ballResearch clearly shows that there is a direct and unmistakable correlation between an employee’s health and well-being, and his or her work behavior. The most competitive companies today not only focus on a strong and robust corporate culture to attract and retain employees, but they also develop and implement new strategies to promote and support employee wellness programs. This impacts their bottom line, as well as increasing employee engagement, which leads to a stronger, more robust and “healthier” corporate culture and identity.

It’s important to understand the correlated power of health and well-being. Human Resources professionals are a key cog in driving cultural change within any organization. What is less understood is the role HR plays in building and leading powerful employee-centric programs focused directly on employee well-being, while indirectly boosting the company’s productivity, profitability and overall morale. By better understanding our constantly changing workforce and identifying key risk factors that directly impact one’s health, Human Resources can calculate work behavior influences on any organization’s performance. Absenteeism, chronic health issues and even a lack of social awareness can be an overwhelmingly heavy burden for any company to bear. By focusing on long term well-being initiatives, companies are achieving incremental improvements in these categories, indirectly improving morale and culture through the aggregated happiness and health of their employees.

Identify Trends

By first identifying trends and factors within your organization and then communicating and educating employees through integrated wellness programs, you can create a powerful difference in your employees’ lives. Corporate culture is determined by the behaviors, values and everyday expectations that have been both consciously and unconsciously embedded in a workforce. Only by recognizing the norms and historical trends within an organization can we achieve noticeable and measurable change in behavior. What trends do you notice within your organization? Most likely, thoughts of healthy/unhealthy diets, smoking habits, physical activity, and many others came to mind. Utilize your HR department to create a culture of change! Promoting a “wellness culture” takes passionate leadership and a consistent commitment to changing both the conscious and subconscious lifestyle decisions we all make in our daily routines.

Below you’ll find wellness initiatives that are easy and cheap to administer, and can serve as the first step to positive change!


Fruit, water and other healthy snack options
Lunch and Learn sessions focusing on healthy cooking
Yoga, Pilates, spin classes or other organized activities
Ergonomics training/assessments
Subsidized gym or fitness club memberships

Community outreach initiatives
Volunteer and/or fundraising programs
Social engagement, recognition and celebrations

401(k) or other retirement savings-focused seminars
Personal finance workshops
Budgeting 101

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)
Work-life quality initiatives such as telecommuting
Flexible schedules
Monthly newsletters with announcements and health information
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