Remember Your “Why”

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When I first started going to fitness boot camp in October 2016, the boot camp owner asked all of us new recruits to consider our “why” behind wanting to join the class.  Boot camp represents a sizable commitment of time, energy, and money, as well as a substantial physical and mental challenge.  It’s easy to start questioning your own judgment when leaving a warm bed in the early morning hours to go do such a difficult workout.

Tug of War

Most of us are motivated by our “why” in life.  My reason why – in going to the fitness boot camp — was of course to get healthier, but deep down, it also was to feel more confident and ultimately, to “rock that little black dress!”

Motivation and Your Why

Who doesn’t enjoy receiving compliments after losing weight?  You know that you look good, plus you have more energy and feel great!  In life, sometimes we have to pause and give thought to the motivation behind our “why.”  When we get off track in life, or even get stuck in a rut, it’s important to reflect on the driving force behind our why. 

For example:

  • Did we select our chosen career because we love the satisfaction it brings to us and the overall feeling of accomplishment?
  • Are we kind to others because we want to be treated in the same manner in return, and because morally, it’s the right thing to do?

Although my boot camp membership has now expired, I recently heard the words of the owner in my head again, asking, “What is your why?”  This mental reminder helped get back on track with healthier eating and daily exercise.  Remembering my why helps me pick up a piece of fruit in the mornings when a doughnut is calling my name!  And professionally, my “why” helps me serve my clients with integrity, respond quickly, and address issues fully.

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