Case Studies

DFW Veterinary Practice

Company Type:    Veterinary Practice
Location:                Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
Employees:           37
Client Since:         2018

The Challenge
A recently hired employee was working for a veterinary clinic as a driver, transporting animals to and from the client’s facility.  The job required lifting and carrying animals weighing up to 80 lbs.  Shortly after being hired, the employee disclosed that she was pregnant and stated that she couldn’t complete her job duties due to her pregnancy.  She provided a doctor’s note prescribing lifting restrictions (no more than 10 lbs.), frequent restroom breaks, and limits to the length of time she could work each day.  The client wished to terminate this employee.

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NYC Entertainment Firm

Company Type: Entertainment/Hospitality
Location: New York City, NY
Employees: 83
Client Since: 2017
The Challenge
When the client’s hiring manager contacted a job candidate to schedule an interview, the candidate requested an American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreter for the interview. Essential functions of the position for which the candidate had applied included regular interaction with the public, as well as the ability to communicate with team members throughout the shift. The manager expressed concern that it would be impossible for this candidate to do the job, and asked Staff One HR for guidance on how to respond to the candidate. Continue reading “NYC Entertainment Firm”

Dallas-Based Law Firm

Business Type: Law Firm
Location: Dallas, TX
Employees: 30
Client Since: 2015
The Challenge
An employee (an attorney) came out as transgender, expressing a desire to live as a woman in all areas of life, including while at work. The employer was unsure how to proceed, and was concerned that other employees would feel uncomfortable, especially if the employee were to use the women’s restroom. Continue reading “Dallas-Based Law Firm”

Plumbing Company Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee with 5 additional locations

Business Type:
Residential and Commercial Plumbing Company
Nashville, Tennessee
Client Since:

The Challenge
This client came to Staff One HR after a long-term relationship with an HR Outsourcing provider, seeking better expertise with: advanced HR subjects, employee turnover reduction, on-site safety and HR training, and workers’ comp loss prevention program design and management for its 196 employees. Continue reading “Plumbing Company Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee with 5 additional locations”