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IRS Extends ACA Reporting Deadlines for Employers

What’s Happening…

The Internal Revenue Service recently extended the deadline for 2015 Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting, giving employers subject to the requirements some relief.

What does this mean for you?

The agency extended the deadlines for both furnishing to individuals reporting forms and filing them with the IRS.  Starting in 2016, applicable large employers must report whether an individual is covered by minimum essential coverage, and confirm that an offer of minimum essential coverage that provides minimum value was made to each full time employee. Continue reading “IRS Extends ACA Reporting Deadlines for Employers”

DOL to Release OT Rule in Late 2016

What’s Happening…

The Department of Labor (DOL) will not release its final rule revising which workers are and are not eligible for overtime until late 2016. “The later the final rule is published, the smaller the window of time the department can allow before the new regulations become effective,” Paul DeCamp, attorney and former administrator of the Wage and Hour Division. Continue reading “DOL to Release OT Rule in Late 2016”