Robust economy hits home run for Staff One HR

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By Bill Hethcock, Staff Writer, Dallas Business Journal

As companies grow, there comes a time when they need to figure out how to better handle their human resources function. That’s where full-service human resources outsourcing company Staff One HR comes in.

The Dallas-based firm has seen annual growth in the 20 percent to 30 percent range in each of the last three years by helping companies reduce employee turnover, eliminate liability, and reinvest their time and focus in their core business so they can outpace the competition, CEO Mark Sinatra told the Dallas Business Journal in an interview.

“We’re in an exciting time here in North Texas,” Sinatra said. “It’s great to have conversations with companies that are double or triple the size today that they were three or four years ago and they need to professionalize their HR area.”

In this interview, Sinatra talks about the company’s growth and its plans.

What’s driving the growth of Staff One? The strong regional economic engine we have in here in Texas and particularly North Texas is a driver. The continued demand for our services. The root of that driver is complexity with HR and benefits and the need to automate and streamline some of those processes. Companies want to grow and get to the next level, and they just need additional HR guidance in how to do so. And internally, we’ve built a fantastic team and we’re really starting to coalesce and grow together.

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