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  • What Are Reasonable Accommodations, and Why Do They Matter? July 16, 2019
    Reasonable accommodations are any changes that allow a person with a disability to apply for and perform the essential functions of a job.  Accommodations are a challenging subject for all involved but are necessary for regulatory compliance. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) became law in 1990 and is a signature accomplishment of the disability […]
  • 5 Tips for Successful Networking May 29, 2019
    Networking.  This term is exciting to some of us, terrifying to others, and confusing to most of us regarding the question: What am I supposed to be doing here?  In the last few months, I have started attending networking events to get to know more people in my field and to say the least… it’s tough […]
  • Use Performance Improvement Plans to Empower Employees May 15, 2019
    Every manager has experienced an employee who is under-performing. Goals are not being met. The quality of their work is poor. This can bring down morale for the team and affect the overall goals of the entire organization. No manager really wants to deal with performance issues. However, it’s important and fair for the rest […]
  • Building Team Unity May 10, 2019
    Every business leader wants to establish a great culture and strong teamwork in their organization.  A great culture enables success, builds the fabric of the team, and also attracts new talent.  However, we all have seen a talented team fail, due to poor culture or interpersonal dynamics. Having a great team is all about the […]
  • Conquer Stress and Burnout with Your Team April 22, 2019
    Wellness and well-being in the workplace are on trend, and it’s about time! We all have had or at least overheard conversations far too often about stress and anxiety in the workplace. Overflowing inboxes, growing to-do lists, and deadline pressures leave employees feeling overwhelmed and overworked. This can lead to burnout, and it affects your […]
  • Four Ways to Improve Customer Service April 12, 2019
    We’ve all been there…walking out of a store or hanging up the phone, feeling overwhelmed by the service that we received. Sometimes that feeling is positive and sometimes, unfortunately, we have encounters that are less than enjoyable. Think back to a time when you had one of these experiences, whether good or bad, and consider […]
  • What Type of Diversity Are You Hiring? April 9, 2019
    I was talking with a business owner just the other day, about the struggles they’re having with employee retention and productivity within their organization.  They are an extremely diverse group, with African-American, Asian, Caucasian, and Hispanic employees, all working together, all getting along.  It’s a great place to be; I want to take my kids […]
  • What Drives Your People Drives Your Company March 21, 2019
    When I was looking at my career path as a teenager, my folks introduced me to a friend from church who was a professional practitioner of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. We were going to use it to map out a plan for my course of study in college. After I slogged through 93 forced-choice answers, […]
  • Simple Math: Why it Makes Sense to Outsource HR March 15, 2019
    A gentleman who once sold his company for over $1 billion told me that if he had to give one bit of advice to business owners, it would be to outsource all non-core competencies.  With the proliferation of the following outsourced/fractionalized professional services, it clearly makes sense to focus on what you do best to […]
  • HR Partnerships Increase Success March 7, 2019
    People often ask me what I do…and to be honest, it is different for every company.  While the services provided are technically the same, each company has its own set of goals, and the road to success looks a little different for everyone. I’d like to share the stories of three of my clients in […]