Your HR Guide To Vacation Benefits

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vacation-benefits-101Vacation Benefits 101

Time-off benefits offered by employers can be one of the most important ingredients in an employee compensation package. The types of Paid Time Off (PTO) employers can offer include: holidays, vacations, sick leave, personal leave, and bereavement leave, discussed below. These types of time-off benefits can be a very valuable part of an employee benefit package, become an attraction for recruitment and also a perk for longevity. Continue reading “Your HR Guide To Vacation Benefits”

FSAs: Enjoy the Benefits and Avoid the HR Headaches by Using a PEO

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FSAs-let-us-help-navigateHow PEOs Simplify The Benefits Process

Since most cafeteria plans renew at the beginning of each year, this means it’s time to enroll in Flexible Spending Accounts, or FSAs.  FSAs are tax savings vehicles that allow employees to contribute part of their salary to the sponsoring employer’s Section 125 Cafeteria Plan on a pre-tax basis in exchange for certain benefits provided by the Plan. Continue reading “FSAs: Enjoy the Benefits and Avoid the HR Headaches by Using a PEO”

Creative Benefits Options: Small Investment, Big Payoff

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man reading at deskEmployee benefits don’t have to be a staggering expense for employers, but to stand out in today’s market, they must be creative and unique. Reflect on your company’s culture and the things that are important to your employees as you expand your benefits offering.

Casual Dress Code

If it isn’t essential that your employees dress up for work, consider implementing a casual dress code. This is a free, yet potentially very rewarding, benefit that employees may truly appreciate. Comfortable employees are happier and more productive, and you’ll likely see an improvement in morale as well. Continue reading “Creative Benefits Options: Small Investment, Big Payoff”

Employee Perks: Little Things Can Make a Big Difference

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employee-perksWhat are employee “perks,” and why do they matter?  What do your employees feel are the perks – the fringe benefits – of working for your company? Those companies that choose to offer more than just basic employee benefits certainly stand out in the job marketplace.

Perks don’t always come in the form of ping pong tables, nap pods and work-from-home programs.  However, any type of extra benefits that add value for your team can help with recruiting and reduce turnover, as it is a way to show you value your employees. Continue reading “Employee Perks: Little Things Can Make a Big Difference”

Why Your Employee Benefits Had Better Be Worth Talking About

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employee-benefits-worth-talking-aboutMost job seekers begin their search with an idea of their personal dream job. From location and compensation to job title and company culture, everything is carefully considered.

Just as employers seek the most talented employees they can find, candidates want to locate their best possible opportunities, and what a job candidate hears about your company matters more than you might think. The 2015 LinkedIn Talent Trends report for the U.S. and Canada shows that 65 percent of candidates turn to friends and colleagues for company recommendations and referrals. Online job boards ranked second with 62 percent, and 61 percent of candidates seek info via social professional networks.
Continue reading “Why Your Employee Benefits Had Better Be Worth Talking About”

COBRA Administration Can Bite Employers

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COBRA-administrationThe Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 or, as most of us know it – COBRA – is a little law with a huge name that grants most employees and their dependents the right to continue health insurance coverage under an employer-sponsored plan in the event that coverage is terminated involuntarily. Simple enough, right? No, not really. Continue reading “COBRA Administration Can Bite Employers”

Evaluate Employee Benefits Package for ROI

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evaluate-employee-benefits-for-roiOctober is just around the corner and for many companies that means – you guessed it – open enrollment! That whirlwind time of year that sends brokers, benefits administrators, and business owners into a restless frenzy as we all gear up to ring in the new benefit year. Open enrollment means new – new plans, new rates, new carriers, new brokers, new regulations; and for Staff One clients, a new online enrollment portal to do away with paper forms for good. Continue reading “Evaluate Employee Benefits Package for ROI”