Compliance Doesn’t Have to be a Risk

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22438374_sMany business owners – especially at startup businesses – have questions about how to meet the complex compliance requirements for workers’ compensation insurance.  Do you know what “workers’ comp” coverage actually is, and the purpose it serves?  Do you know who pays the premiums, or costs of the coverage? How do you, as an employer, obtain coverage? Or, if you are the sole proprietor of your company and do not have any additional employees, are you even required to purchase workers’ comp? Continue reading “Compliance Doesn’t Have to be a Risk”

Why Unemployment Claims Administration is Important

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why-unemployment-claims-administration-is-importantThe Federal and State Unemployment Tax Acts (FUTA & SUTA) subjugate every business, no matter how small or large, to payroll taxes in order fund both State and Federal Unemployment Insurance (UI) programs, and unlike other federal income taxes, FUTA & SUTA taxes are solely the responsibility of the employer. While there are certain tests to determine if a business must pay FUTA tax for employees, most businesses are required to pay 6 percent of the first $7,000 each employee earns in a calendar year. Continue reading “Why Unemployment Claims Administration is Important”

Why Handbooks and Job Descriptions are Essential

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why-job-descriptions-and-employee-handbooks-are-essentialJob descriptions and employee handbooks are two simple but essential tools for any successful business.  Both are used to communicate, clarify and document expectations for employers and employees.

Writing and maintaining current job descriptions for positions at your workplace is not required by federal law, yet it’s one of the smartest things an employer can do to provide themselves a layer of protection. These seemingly bland, innocuous documents are used in investigations, lawsuits and audits every day. Continue reading “Why Handbooks and Job Descriptions are Essential”

Day 1: The Affordable Care Act

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affordable-care-actSince the Affordable Care Act was passed in March 2010, businesses have felt the effect of this health care reform legislation.  The ACA was designed to make it easier for Americans to gain access to quality, affordable health coverage.  However, it has had a much different impact on business owners, who feel the burden of additional reporting requirements and compliance rules. Continue reading “Day 1: The Affordable Care Act”

The HR Compliance Game Plan

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hr-offense-or-defenseWith HR Compliance, Which is Better: a Good Offense or a Good Defense?

When it comes to your business, how do you gauge whether you are winning or losing? Is your scale profits, turnover ratio, or percentage of growth? When it comes to your company’s HR functions, is it better to have a good offense or a good defense, and how on earth do you keep score? Continue reading “The HR Compliance Game Plan”

Recordkeeping 101: Spring Cleaning

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Recordkeeping-101-spring-cleaningLike the cluttered and entangled maze of boxes, bikes, gardening tools and assortment of last year’s forgotten treasures that are undoubtedly piling to the brim of your garage, office managers and HR professionals far too often neglect the act of maintaining an effective records retention process, creating all sorts of problems that culminate in the monumental task that we refer to as “Spring Cleaning.” Continue reading “Recordkeeping 101: Spring Cleaning”

Compliance Tracking Challenges

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compliance-tracking-challengesDo you find that keeping track of all your HR, payroll and benefits data has become more challenging over the past few years? How do you plan to keep up with new compliance responsibilities? Your number one concern may be complying with PPACA, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as “health care reform.” Keeping track of hours and look-back periods is very complex and not easy to do without good reporting tools. Aside from PPACA, there are several other areas that must be tracked properly in order to comply with employment regulations and laws. Continue reading “Compliance Tracking Challenges”