“Both and”

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MarkOne of my favorite responsibilities as CEO is that I get to interact with other business owners and entrepreneurs on an almost daily basis. I love hearing the passion that entrepreneurs have for their business, and I get energized learning about their vision for their company. We often discuss various aspects of their business with a primary focus on their product or service and their growth plans. Invariably, the conversation will turn toward the type of company culture the entrepreneur wants to build, and surprisingly, human resources is sometimes viewed as an afterthought, if not an impediment to creating an “entrepreneurial culture.” Continue reading ““Both and””

My Candidate for Hire Has a Criminal Record! What Now?

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my-candidate-for-hire-has-a-criminal-record-now-whatWe know that background screening is an essential part of making a quality hiring decision.  However, when we see that screening results reveal a criminal record, we can’t afford to “just say no” without considering the legal implications of that decision. Continue reading “My Candidate for Hire Has a Criminal Record! What Now?”

Avoid Unnecessary Unemployment Costs

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Avoid-unnecessary-unemployment-costsIn a recent blog post by Human Resource Manager Laura Manning, the topic of Progressive Discipline was discussed and rethought in a way to help leaders and managers understand the importance of OWNING their role in employee development and performance management. Laura posed rhetorical questions such as, “did you do a poor job of interviewing candidates…did you not explain the workplace rules or processes in a way that resonated with the employee…have you reviewed with that employee the official job description which outline requirements and set clear expectations of the employee?” Continue reading “Avoid Unnecessary Unemployment Costs”

Manufacturing Day: Celebrating the Heartbeat of America

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Manufacturing-dayManufacturing is one of the oldest and most fundamental industries in the United States and has been the central heartbeat of the American lifestyle.  Manufacturing creates great jobs, promotes new technology and drives the total economy in a positive direction.  Keeping up with new innovations is critical to the success of manufacturers nationwide. Continue reading “Manufacturing Day: Celebrating the Heartbeat of America”

You have just received a letter from the OFCCP – Are you ready?

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On January 31, 2014, the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) mailed out more than 2,100 notices to employers of their intent to audit those employers for compliance. Recently released is Directive 307, which outlines for the OFCCP, the procedures for reviewing contractor compensations systems and practices which will become effective February 28, 2014. Continue reading “You have just received a letter from the OFCCP – Are you ready?”

The HR Industry’s Super Bowl is Here

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Did You Come Ready To Play?

This weekend marks Super Bowl 48 and a weekend when preparation, hard work and determination collectively culminate in celebrating our country’s most popular sport.  Many HR professionals will rejoice and enjoy the weekend’s festivities because today, January 31st, is a key milestone for HR professionals, employees and business owners.  First, employers have a deadline today to mail out W-2s to their employees.  Employers who issued more than 250 W-2s in 2012 will be required to list the cost of coverage under an employer-sponsored group health plan.   You can see here the detailed list of the types of insurance coverage to include on the W-2 form.  The cost of these health care benefits will be reported in box 12 of the Form W-2, with Code DD to identify the amount. Continue reading “The HR Industry’s Super Bowl is Here”