Owning a Business…and Ohhh So Much More

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Business ownerRemember when you first turned on the “open” sign at your business? Wasn’t that day one of the most exciting moments of your life?  Suddenly, you’re an “official” business owner, doing what you love, and pursuing your passion! But then…not only are you responsible for growing your business, hiring and training a team, building relationships, marketing, finances, and ohhh so much more… there are also employment regulations, handbooks, job descriptions, wages, benefits, and yes, ohhh so much more. Continue reading “Owning a Business…and Ohhh So Much More”

PEO…Oh, My Goodness, What a Great Idea!

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Great_ideaI worked at a small but growing business for over 16 years.  At every step of our growth, the problem was always the same: “Who can help us?”  There were many difficult hurdles that we had to successfully vault as we grew from 10 to 20 to 60 employees and beyond.  We spent so much time simply trying to overcome the obstacles that sometimes we forgot that our core business was not transactional HR. Continue reading “PEO…Oh, My Goodness, What a Great Idea!”

Three Reasons Startup Companies Don’t Need an HR Department

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Startup-companyWhether it’s your first company or your fifth, starting a new company is hard! You’re faced with limited resources and trying to figure it out on a moment-to-moment basis. You’ve poured your heart and soul into your business, investing your money and sacrificing time away from your family. With so much on the line, why wouldn’t you protect it with an HR department?  Here are three good reasons: Continue reading “Three Reasons Startup Companies Don’t Need an HR Department”

Why Handbooks and Job Descriptions are Essential

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why-job-descriptions-and-employee-handbooks-are-essentialJob descriptions and employee handbooks are two simple but essential tools for any successful business.  Both are used to communicate, clarify and document expectations for employers and employees.

Writing and maintaining current job descriptions for positions at your workplace is not required by federal law, yet it’s one of the smartest things an employer can do to provide themselves a layer of protection. These seemingly bland, innocuous documents are used in investigations, lawsuits and audits every day. Continue reading “Why Handbooks and Job Descriptions are Essential”

Five Ways HR Outsourcing Can Help Your Company Grow

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stockByteBusIdeas_002For most business owners, a major challenge is managing the cost of having employees. How much time do you and/or your staff spend dealing with employee issues? How much of your budget is dedicated to this area of your business, and how often do you find yourself exceeding that budget?  Here are five ways that HR outsourcing can help increase your productivity and save you money.

Reallocate your employees’ time: By outsourcing human resources you are able to reallocate tasks to your employees. Who is handling your company’s HR duties now? An office manager? Another staff member? You? Continue reading “Five Ways HR Outsourcing Can Help Your Company Grow”

Avoid Paperwork with Electronic Onboarding

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avoid-paperwork-with-electronic-onboardingLet’s face it, no one likes paperwork….in fact, most of us avoid it like the plague. However, paperwork is a necessary evil when hiring a new employee. Everything from the employment application, Form I-9, W-4, company handbook signoff, etc. must be completed.  However, there is a better way than avoiding the paperwork OR completing paper forms:  electronic onboarding. Continue reading “Avoid Paperwork with Electronic Onboarding”

Four Ways Outsourcing Can Grow Your Business

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pencils in a cupMaintaining an in-house human resources department requires time, money, and dedicated talent. If you’re seeking to grow your business without breaking the bank, outsourced human resources gives you the flexibility you need to maximize efficiency in recruiting, administration, compliance, and more. Continue reading “Four Ways Outsourcing Can Grow Your Business”

Plan for Success: Automate to Achieve Your Business Goals

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plan-for-success-automateI read recently that the third weekend of January is the most crucial to personal resolutions… Most people don’t make it past that weekend.  As a business, the message of your goals is still being communicated and/or instilled into your employees.  Let’s explore a likely way you may not have considered to reach your goals.  Five common goals most businesses seek to achieve are: Continue reading “Plan for Success: Automate to Achieve Your Business Goals”

Small Business Efficiency Act (SBEA) and What It Means

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small-business-efficiency-act-SBEA-and-what-it-meansThe Small Business Efficiency Act definitely means lots of excitement and a historic moment for Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs). The government is recognizing the significant role that PEOs have played in small business success. This recognition means PEOs can help small businesses continue to grow and thrive with a stamp of approval/IRS certification. Continue reading “Small Business Efficiency Act (SBEA) and What It Means”