Millennials and Diversity in the Workplace

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Millennials-and-diversity-in-the-workplcI’m a Millennial…part of one of the largest generations in history, which is about to move into its prime years. Millennials are poised to reshape the economy, as this generation affects the ways companies hire and retain employees, forcing employers to examine how they do business for decades to come.

Millennials are America’s most ethnically and racially diverse cohort ever. Given the global nature of the current and future workforce, understanding how Millennials view diversity will give employers greater insight into attracting and retaining this unique group.  Millennials define diversity as much more than race, gender, ethnicity and all the differences that exist in language, religion, nationality, geography, and sexual orientation. Diversity is the individual mix of unique experiences, identities, ideas, and opinions, and it is the blending of different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. Continue reading “Millennials and Diversity in the Workplace”

Goals, Resolutions and Challenges

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A GoalWith the New Year barely underway, many people are still contemplating resolutions and goals for 2016. All too often we set unrealistic goals, which only leads to frustration. In contrast, we shouldn’t set mediocre goals, leaving us unchallenged. Therefore, it is important to set “stretch” goals that create an attainable challenge, both personally and professionally. Continue reading “Goals, Resolutions and Challenges”

4 Key Ways to Boost Employee Wellness

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4-keys-to-boosting-employee-wellnessResearch has shown the unmistakably positive impact of employee wellness programs. Developing a robust wellness program has many benefits. A comprehensive wellness program demonstrates concern for staff health and well-being. An effective wellness program can help control rising health care costs. Healthy employees require fewer medical interventions, which directly reduces the cost of health insurance. Healthy employees are more engaged and effective at their jobs. Morale is higher and turn-over is lower. There’s just no reason not to develop a wellness program! Continue reading “4 Key Ways to Boost Employee Wellness”

Minimize Risk with Background Screening

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Your employees are your biggest asset, and they also can be your biggest liability.  Without a consistent, structured hiring process including background screening for prospective employees, you put your business at risk.

Employees play a key part in the success of your business. One of the greatest risks to growing companies lies in the area of insider threats. The people you let in your organization can make or break your business and your brand. Unscrupulous employees may take advantage of your business in several ways: Continue reading “Minimize Risk with Background Screening”

22 Million Reasons Why Training Employees is Important

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6 Ways to Help New Managers Succeed

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3 professionals talking about businessWe can all probably agree that promoting from within is a good idea, right?  Numerous studies document the advantages of promoting from within an organization.  One key advantage is the reduction in training time required.  While this is true for many positions, organizations should not forget the importance of providing sufficient training when promoting a first time manager.  When a growing company promotes an outstanding employee to a management position, the expectation often is that this superstar employee will slide right into place. Continue reading “6 Ways to Help New Managers Succeed”

What Makes Employees Feel Ownership at Work

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what-makes-employees-feel-ownership-at-workThe first eight years of my insurance career was spent learning about insurance and sales.  The next six years of it were spent managing an insurance office.  Now that I had extensive insurance knowledge, from Personal to Commercial Lines and Banking, I was able to use my knowledge to train and maintain a highly successful team.

During those six years, I learned more than I had ever before, and not just about the insurance industry. Here are three key lessons: Continue reading “What Makes Employees Feel Ownership at Work”

Why Diversity in the Workplace Must Begin With Respect

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why-diversity-starts-with-respectWorkplace diversity is much broader than race or gender. Today’s workplaces bring together people of different ages, ethnicities, education, income levels, and physical abilities. It is no wonder we often encounter difficulties when sharing ideas, working on group projects or communicating effectively with our co-workers. When diversity is not acknowledged and valued, it can breed resentment, low morale and draw separations between employees. However, when mutual respect for each other’s differences exists, diversity can be a great asset to a company, strengthening company culture and camaraderie and boosting productivity. Continue reading “Why Diversity in the Workplace Must Begin With Respect”