Got Turnover? Get HR Solutions!

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turnoverAre Employee Turnover Problems Causing You Headaches?

Of course they are.  Employee turnover exists at most organizations whether big or small, public or private and the type of turnover can be a combination of involuntary or voluntary and healthy or unhealthy.  Reducing employee turnover requires management to analyze the root causes, which can vary dramatically based on circumstance. Continue reading “Got Turnover? Get HR Solutions!”

Well Written HR Policies Can Keep Employers Out of Trouble

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well-written-policies-can-keep-employers-out-of-troubleBe Specific! It Could Save You From An HR Nightmare
The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is an independent federal agency vested with the power to safeguard employees’ rights to organize and to determine whether to have unions as their bargaining representative. The agency also acts to prevent and remedy unfair labor practices committed by private sector employers and unions. Therefore, in an effort to assist employees at non-union worksites, the NLRB is closely monitoring complaints it receives as possible violations of Section 7. Continue reading “Well Written HR Policies Can Keep Employers Out of Trouble”

How Can I Avoid Unemployment Insurance Claims?

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For any employer that has had to manage unemployment insurance claims, it is clear that claims are difficult to defend because the law itself is meant to benefit the ex-employee, not the employer.  Since employers recognize this, why then do some employers make mistakes before claims are filed that make those claims even harder to win? Continue reading “How Can I Avoid Unemployment Insurance Claims?”

How is an HR Audit Like a Colonoscopy?

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Although the phrase “HR Audit” tends to elicit facial expressions similar to those of the word “colonoscopy”, it doesn’t have to.  As a Human Resources Manager with Staff One, I typically conduct an HR Audit as soon as a client comes on board.  During the audit, the business owner and I go through several pages of HR questions in order to check the temperature, so to speak, of my client in the area of human resources. Continue reading “How is an HR Audit Like a Colonoscopy?”

Increasing scrutiny of misclassifying workers

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Properly classifying each worker as either an employee or contractor is an employer responsibility that is undergoing increasing review and scrutiny by regulators.  When the economy entered into a recession back in 2008, employers sought ways to decrease costs, and as business activity slowed down, certain jobs required flexible and variable work schedules versus the traditional permanent, full-time position.  With the pay or play mandate to go into effect in 2015, employers who have more than 50 full time employees but do not currently provide medical insurance are evaluating many strategies to best cope with PPACA – one of which may be to transition certain positions to a contractor status. Continue reading “Increasing scrutiny of misclassifying workers”

The hidden cost of unemployment

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When an employee files an unemployment claim and receives unemployment insurance, there can be a significant cost to an employer. For one, the employer will spend a significant amount of time preparing for and participating in the unemployment hearing – which together can take several hours. Preparation is critical as employers should have all of their documents pertaining to the claim organized and completed. Unfortunately, in many cases the paperwork is often scattered and not completed accurately and timely. Continue reading “The hidden cost of unemployment”

Scared much? Don’t Let The HR Monsters Get You!

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HR Ghosts Are Coming For Your Business!

Happy Halloween! It’s a fun day for some and certainly a scary day for many others. Halloween aside, business owners have many reasons to be scared and fearful this Halloween season. The number of regulations impacting business owners has increased 60% since 1980. Health reform with all of its imperfections, outages and problems collectively represent 854 additional regulations. In recent years, we have seen a gradual shift away from a pro-employer environment both at the federal and state levels. Continue reading “Scared much? Don’t Let The HR Monsters Get You!”

Where there’s (no) smoke, there’s fire

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By now, I think we have all seen those electronic, vapor cigarettes that are sweeping across the nation one puff at a time. Sales of electronic cigarettes have skyrocketed in recent months as many people believe that e-cigarettes contain far fewer toxins than traditional cigarettes. E-cigarettes do not contain any tobacco and are able to deliver nicotine through a vapor thereby not generating any smoke. The FDA is expected to rule by the month whether e-cigarettes should be considered tobacco products which may affect how e-cigarettes are sold and marketed. Continue reading “Where there’s (no) smoke, there’s fire”