Winning the Battle for Top Talent

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CelebratingEmployers face more challenges today than ever before.  From regulatory compliance to recruiting, the face of business has changed, and will continue to at an increasing rate.  Smart business owners and managers remain agile and flexible in both their worldviews and their business plans, adapting to the changing landscape on an almost-daily basis. Continue reading “Winning the Battle for Top Talent”

Recruiting: Navigating a Candidate-Driven Landscape

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compassIn  today’s market, recruiting is increasingly difficult because job candidates hold the power. The best candidates are not in the marketplace very long, and in fact, typically receive multiple offers of employment. What should your company do to stand out in this candidate-driven market? Continue reading “Recruiting: Navigating a Candidate-Driven Landscape”

Make Better Hires with Recruiting Support

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recruiting-support-can-streamline-hiring-processHiring the correct people for the right jobs is essential to every organization’s success.  Recruiting can be a daunting task; however, in order to hire the right person, a company first must locate one or more viable candidates. Companies have many important decisions to make, including whom to target, how to present the opening and the organization, whether to promote from within or source candidates externally, and how to handle the recruiting process itself. Continue reading “Make Better Hires with Recruiting Support”

The Secret Ingredient to Growth

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the-secret-ingredient-to-growthShould companies focus on growing and developing talent from within the organization, or source that process externally from a broader candidate pool? One corporate philosophy that has always resonated with me is that a company must not only get the right people on the bus, but they must put those people in the right seats on that bus. This analogy typically is applied when discussing lateral movement within an organization, but I challenge you also to consider this idea when evaluating performance and succession management. Continue reading “The Secret Ingredient to Growth”

Create a “Wow” Experience for New Employees

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Replacing talent can be as high as two-and-a-half times an employee’s annual salary.  But we’re not just talking dollars and cents here–culture and engagement are significantly impacted, as well as morale, productivity and lost insider knowledge when an employee leaves.
Continue reading “Create a “Wow” Experience for New Employees”

Hiring for Success: Predictive Index Helps Identify Candidates

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hiring-for-successHave you ever had to replace an employee or hire for a new position?  If you have, then you know how time consuming this process can be.  If you’ve ever had to go through this process for the new hire to only last a short time with your organization due to not being a good fit, you know how frustrating….and how costly that can be. Continue reading “Hiring for Success: Predictive Index Helps Identify Candidates”

Productivity in a Team Environment

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I have been asked many times in my career as a HR professional, “How do we get more productivity from our staff?”  The key is to start from the beginning.  One of the most critical HR functions is recruiting.  Not JUST recruiting, but recruiting candidates that are the most qualified AND who fit the culture of an organization. There is no simple formula or checklist that can determine a good hire, but time, training and inclusiveness in organizational goals from the start will help tremendously. Continue reading “Productivity in a Team Environment”

Are You An Employer Of Choice for Millennials?

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are-you-an-employer-of-choice-for-millennialsThe future is finally here. The Millennial generation is taking over everything – including the workplace. This presents a new and unique challenge for employers of all sizes and in all industries and the internet is filled with articles, blog posts, and ebooks that aim to help employers attract, retain, manage, and understand Millennials but few of these tips, tricks, and advice columns are actually written by Millennials.  So, here’s some advice for employing Millennials – from a Millennial. Continue reading “Are You An Employer Of Choice for Millennials?”

Solving HR Problems, One School at a Time

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one-school-at-a-timeToday’s Youth is the HR Solution of Tomorrow

I was privileged to watch a gentleman by the name of Bill Strickland give an inspirational and insightful speech the other night to a group of CEOs in Dallas.  Bill’s talk was about his work to deliver education, culture and hope to disadvantaged youth and adults-in-transition across our country.  Continue reading “Solving HR Problems, One School at a Time”

Is Your Company Culture a Profitable One?

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Is-your-company-culture-a-profitable-one-1Walk into any large organization and you will most likely see the company Values and Mission statement posted in the lobby or reception area.  We all know that Mission, Vision and Values drive a company’s culture, but did you know that a strong culture can be a profit center for your organization? Continue reading “Is Your Company Culture a Profitable One?”