10 Ways to Incorporate Diversity into Your Company Culture

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As global and regional demographics change, the continued growth of an organization may be dependent upon hiring qualified employees who offer different perspectives and best understand the diverse backgrounds of the customers or clients they serve. In order to attract and retain these highly desired employees, organizations should strive to put an effective diversity program in place. Here are 10 ways to incorporate diversity into your company culture: Continue reading “10 Ways to Incorporate Diversity into Your Company Culture”

8 Tips To Boost Employee Productivity

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8-tips-to-boost-employee-productivityEmployee productivity can be affected by many different factors within the workplace.  So how can you help keep employees engaged and working at their maximum productivity?

  1. Active testing: If the job requires specific skills or competencies, test them. Simulate an actual position specific situation and test their skills. Continue reading “8 Tips To Boost Employee Productivity”

3 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement

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employee engagement diagramSo many blogs, articles and even books are published on how to have an engaged workforce.  These articles often either paint an unrealistic image of a bliss-filled office environment or an unattainable, hard-to-implement plan.  Employee engagement isn’t always sunshine and rainbows.  At times it may seem like more of an “Office Space” environment. Continue reading “3 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement”

30 Days of HR Outsourcing

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Everything You Need to Know About HR Outsourcing

As we celebrate our 27th anniversary this November, we wanted to take this opportunity to share valuable information and insights with our clients and connections.  From November 1st through November 30th, we will publish a brief blog post every day, focused on an aspect of HR, benefits, payroll, workers’ comp or risk management.  These posts will feature some of the questions we are asked, the issues we solve for our clients, and the challenges facing business owners in today’s ever-changing marketplace.  We hope you’ll join us for the journey.

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Thoughts from Our First Inc. 5000 Conference

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thoughts-from-our-first-inc.-5000-conferenceThe Inc. 5000 conference recognizes the top 5000 growth companies in the U.S. as measured by revenue growth rate.   This year marked the first time in Staff One’s 27-year history that we were recognized on the list.  I am so incredibly thankful for our team at Staff One because they are the folks who made it happen, and I can’t wait to share and implement what I learned.  Since next year’s conference is in our home state of Texas, I expect other team members to attend so they too can learn and celebrate. Continue reading “Thoughts from Our First Inc. 5000 Conference”

Minimize Risk with Background Screening

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Your employees are your biggest asset, and they also can be your biggest liability.  Without a consistent, structured hiring process including background screening for prospective employees, you put your business at risk.

Employees play a key part in the success of your business. One of the greatest risks to growing companies lies in the area of insider threats. The people you let in your organization can make or break your business and your brand. Unscrupulous employees may take advantage of your business in several ways: Continue reading “Minimize Risk with Background Screening”

The Secret Ingredient to Growth

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the-secret-ingredient-to-growthShould companies focus on growing and developing talent from within the organization, or source that process externally from a broader candidate pool? One corporate philosophy that has always resonated with me is that a company must not only get the right people on the bus, but they must put those people in the right seats on that bus. This analogy typically is applied when discussing lateral movement within an organization, but I challenge you also to consider this idea when evaluating performance and succession management. Continue reading “The Secret Ingredient to Growth”