Create a “Wow” Experience for New Employees

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Replacing talent can be as high as two-and-a-half times an employee’s annual salary.  But we’re not just talking dollars and cents here–culture and engagement are significantly impacted, as well as morale, productivity and lost insider knowledge when an employee leaves.
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6 Ways to Help New Managers Succeed

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3 professionals talking about businessWe can all probably agree that promoting from within is a good idea, right?  Numerous studies document the advantages of promoting from within an organization.  One key advantage is the reduction in training time required.  While this is true for many positions, organizations should not forget the importance of providing sufficient training when promoting a first time manager.  When a growing company promotes an outstanding employee to a management position, the expectation often is that this superstar employee will slide right into place. Continue reading “6 Ways to Help New Managers Succeed”

Create Your Company Culture, Don’t Just Hope It Happens

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create-your-company-cultureOrganizational culture is the behavior of humans within an organization and the meaning that people attach to those behaviors.”  A culture can create clarity around an understanding of the company’s vision, mission, values and goals, which allows employees to understand individual expectations and know that they will be held accountable. Continue reading “Create Your Company Culture, Don’t Just Hope It Happens”

Plan for Success: Reduce Liability and Increase Profitability

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Plan-for-success-reduce-liability-and-increase-profitabilityI hate going to the gym in January. There are always new faces in the gym, messing up my routine. These folks have their glorious resolutions, but you know what?  Every year, by the end of January, the gym crowd begins thinning out a bit (no pun intended) and by March, the gym is back to normal.  All of these folks have made resolutions – which they emphatically stated to their loved ones, or their friends, or their social media connections – that they’d get fit, start exercising, lose that unwanted weight…but, 90 days later, it didn’t pan out.  Why not? Continue reading “Plan for Success: Reduce Liability and Increase Profitability”

Is Your Company Culture a Profitable One?

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Is-your-company-culture-a-profitable-one-1Walk into any large organization and you will most likely see the company Values and Mission statement posted in the lobby or reception area.  We all know that Mission, Vision and Values drive a company’s culture, but did you know that a strong culture can be a profit center for your organization? Continue reading “Is Your Company Culture a Profitable One?”