Does The Predictive Index Work?

The Predictive Index is a behavioral assessment designed to be an effective, simple and easy  measurement of current and future employee work skills.

Companies across the world have adopted The Predictive Index, with over 18 million workers taking the behavioral survey. The PI is backed by research, studies and psychologists. The free-choice, stimulus response measurement was created by sampling of thousands of people. To complete its credibility, it is built to the standards of the American Psychological Association (APA), International Test Commission (ITC), and the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychologists (SIOP).

Implementing Predictive Index

The Predictive Index, or PI, can be applied to a number of human resource initiatives. From employee selection to executive on-boarding, succession planning, team-building, leadership development, and more. Using PI will increase a company’s understanding of employees, potential strengths and particular characteristics. With this information in hand, decisions can be made to help increase employee retention, engagement, productivity and efficiency.

Is Predictive Index Foolproof?

Predictive Index is a valid survey of behavior, but if those reading the results cannot interpret and take action, then PI does not work as intended.

A company must understand what are the most important qualities of an employee. What factors are important for employee retention, employee development, and other HR  objectives? PI will only cause more confusion without a plan and how to align PI results to the plan. For these reasons, a Predictive Index partner such as Staff One HR is required to purchase and implement PI.

The Predictive Index is not well-suited as an umbrella option for hiring at all levels. PI is most successful in career-focused workplaces. It excels at measuring candidates for supervisor, management and leadership positions. A job such as a cashier, requires only a few core strengths. PI is better suited for employers seeking to hire and promote for the long term.

It is not uncommon for a person seeking to gain employment to falsify answers, which can skew results. Although this is a failure that affects all employee tests, there are ways to limit inaccurate responses. A PI partner will be able to limit inaccurate testing by adjusting when, where and how the assessment is given.


PI measures four primary and fundamental personality constructs: dominance, extroversion, patience and formality. Two secondary constructs: decision-making and response level, are also measured and combined in a report designed to give an overall understanding of an employee’s core drives, strengths, and more. This is a highly accurate assessment that has helped companies all over the world fill their positions with the right professionals, build teams and improve their company on multiple levels.

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