Webinars Are Dead. Long Live Webinars!

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Just a decade ago, webinars – conducting seminars online instead of in person – were a hot new tech advance.   As a cost-effective means of communicating information to a large group of people, the concept was unbeatable.  Suddenly, participants could watch, listen, and even interact in seminars without having to travel.  Registration fees, if any, were ever-so-reasonable in comparison with the cost of traveling to an event, even just across town.

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Like any new technology, webinars have become more user-friendly and have gained functionality for both presenters and attendees.  Webinars are now commonplace as today’s workforce is more tech-savvy than ever before, with smartphones, tablets, and Bluetooth technology as the norm.

We don’t do webinars.

At Staff One HR, we’ve discarded the portmanteau “webinar” in favor of “e-learning event,” when conducting an online training session for our clients and other invited guests.  This year alone, our credentialed HR Managers have delivered e-learning events on Sexual Harassment; Leadership Skills for New Managers; and Professional Behavior for Leaders.  In addition, our NAHU PPACA-certified Executive Vice President offered training on how to decrease health insurance costs, and a Certified Financial Planner conducted a discussion on important aspects of tax reform for business owners.

E-learning events can provide valuable training to business owners, managers and supervisors who are time-crunched and need relevant, timely information.  In addition to running a company, business leaders today are faced with HR and compliance issues, ever-changing regulations, and recruiting and hiring needs.

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Each Staff One HR e-learning event is available free of charge.  And if you’re unable to attend live, one of our team members will follow up to offer you the slide deck and a link to the recorded event.  Best of all, participants have access to fresh information on a relevant topic, delivered by a subject matter expert, whom they can ask questions specific to their own situation.

Webinars aren’t dead.  They’ve just grown up.  Register today for our next e-learning event, or contact amy.hervey@staffone.com to be added to our invitation list for upcoming events.